Flashback (22/10/2012)

We were recently sent a copy of a photograph of what is believed to be the start of a League race from the 40's or 50s' somewhere in the Birmingham area. It is fascinating to see the size of the crowd, the start on a road surface and the small number in the field. Can anyone shed any light on just where this venue was.

BDXCL Unknown 001 Original

We would also like to know more details on the possible date, clubs and runners who were taking part. To help matters we provide enlarged areas of the image (from left to right) showing the runners.

BDXCL Unknown 001 Detail 01

Notes :- This above photograph clearly shows a Coventry Godiva Harrier (No. 3)

BDXCL Unknown 001 Detail 02

Notes :- Jack Holden, Tipton Harriers is second from the left, slightly obscured.

BDXCL Unknown 001 Detail 03

Notes :- Does the name "Hardwick" on the advertising in the top right help identify where this race was?

BDXCL Unknown 001 Detail 04

Notes :- No 25 could be a member of Small Heath Harriers.