Division 1 Race Details

Just to recap; the fixture at Worcester had to be cancelled because the landowners withdrew permission to use the venue because of ground and weather conditions. Worcester AC are very upset about it but it is very much outside their control.
Thankfully we have been able to arrange an alternative which is to hold our Division 1 race at 11.30 on Saturday morning at Coundon in Coventry which is the venue that will be used later that day by the Womens League and then our Division 3 race.
We should all be very appreciative of the efforts and support I have had from Northbrook, Sphinx, Nuneaton and Tony French in particular.
Unfortunately we dont have the ability to communicate with the athletes directly other than through our web site so I have to rely on all of you to use Twitter, Facebook, phone calls and web sites to contact as many of your athletes as possible.
The course map and site plan can be seen in the Race 1 Div 3 details but bear in mind that the Div 1 race starts at 11.30
(1) There are no showers
(2) Many thanks to all of the people who have offered to help set up the course and marshal. I will reply individually but am still looking for some more.  Contact me direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07770 938730
(3) Car parking is critical.  Officials can park in the very small car park on the Tamworth Road almost opposite Sandpits Lane
(4) Coaches should drop off athletes in Waste Lane. Ask the drivers to park well away from the whole area. There is no parking at all suitable for coaches
(5) The only car park for athletes is in Waste Lane. It has 38 paces and is shared with local residents who will be using the adjacent play area. You should assume it is full. The best parking is on the pavement / roadside along Brownhill Green Road both sides of where it joins with Waste Lane.  Please share transport as much as possible
DO NOT PARK IN Long Lane or Waste Lane in any circumstances.
(6) Club tents can be placed on the right hand side of the finish funnel facing the running direction.
(7) Most importantly and for very good reasons I ask that everybody leaves the site and the area as soon as possible after the race.