League Landmarks

The current table showing the number of league races claimed as being completed by various athletes across the years is shown below. Some of the athletes are still competing and accruing races, some have retired and some, sadly, have died. This table is correct as of the fourth race of the 2019/20 season. Errors and corrections to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rank Name Club Races Mover
1 Andy Nock Halesowen 157  
2 Mick Edwards Sparkhill 154  ↑
3 Nick Wilson Nuneaton 152  
4 Bill Nock Halesowen 149
5 Alastair Grant Halesowen 139  
6 Cavin Woodward Leamington 132  
7 Steve Howes Solihull & Small Heath 132
8 Terry Egan Rugby & Northampton 125  
=9 Graham Patton Massey / Sphinx 122  
=9 Darren Riley Sparkhill Harriers 122  
11 David Clarke Massey Ferguson 121
=12 Dave Jones West Bromwich 115  
=12 Mark Baker Northbrook AC 115
14 Nick Stringer Sparkhill Harriers 112
15 Pat Powell West Bromwich 107  
16 Graham Roberts Leamington C  & AC 106  
17 Vince Carroll Rugby & Northampton 104
18 John Peet Tamworth and Sparkhill Harriers 103  
19 Richard Barington City of Stoke 102  
20 Ian Keyte Bromsgrove & Redditch 101
21 Martin Smith Massey Ferguson 100 NEW!

↑ Denotes a new count since the table was previously updated.

We welcome Martin Smith of Massey Ferguson to the Landmark table who writes, "It has taken me 34 years to achieve, what with working overseas for Massey Ferguson and injuries.  I have made many friends in other clubs through running the Birmingham League and also enoyed the friendly rivalry with club members of MFRC over the years every league fixture. It is a great competition."