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Here is a list of the cuttings we currently have available. We have tried to catalogue the cuttings with some key information about the specific race being repoprted. The cuttings are held in one of two digital formats, either a) as an image/photo or b) as a PDF. The quality of the original cutting is variable. We have tried, where feasible, to enhance the image so that the article becomes readible. To view the cutting simply click on the image or PDF graphic. It should then open up either as a pop up or in a separate window within your browser.

Season Race Date Venue Headline/Notes/Description Source Link
         A lost course or a lost cause?   BDXCL Cutting 0002
 1980's 4   Solihull "Redman Victory But Birchfield Race To Title" Birmingham Post or Evening Mail adobe-reader-pdf
    Perry Barr 

"Stewart Dominates..." 


1st & 3rd Divisions reported.

Birmingham Post ?  adobe-reader-pdf

 "Shades Of Holden..Rushmer Bridges The Gap"

Pat Bucher was running for Dudley & Stourbridge, won the third division match at Wombourne went on to become a renowned journalist and author.

 1986 1   Wolverhampton  "Milovsorov Leads Tipton In Style"   adobe-reader-pdf
 1940's Post Final Race      This is a local cutting relating to the distribution of medals within the club to each member who had 'scored' for the teanm throughout the season. It is here as a cross reference of who ran and who won the League.   adobe-reader-pdf
   5   Dudley Dudley Harriers A.C.   click
      Wednesbury Harriers, Cranhall Lane (Misty Croft end)    Dudley Herald  BDXCL Cutting 0003
 1940's  3     The race was during WW2 as the League was then split between two divisions (North & South) to reduce the time and expense in travelling and to preserve petrol.This fixture also was of special interest as there was an "Inter League" contest held in conjunction with the race against the Warwickshire XC League.     BDXCL Cutting 0005
 1940  4 17/02/1940 Dudley, Gypsies Tent, Steppingstone Street "Harrier Attacked By Dog In Race"Arthur Cole later joined Tipton Harriers.    BDXCL Cutting 0008A
 1940  4 17/02/1940   Dudley, Gypsies Tent, Steppingstone Street     BDXCL Cutting 0008B
 1920's  5   Sparkhill  "Wednesbury Runner's Fine Performance"This season had 6 races the last of which was to be staged on 3rd March.The League appears to have had six fixtures during the mid/late 1920's.Assuming the race was on a Saturday then the year was probably 1928.   

BDXCL Cutting 0016A

BDXCL Cutting 0016B


BDXCL Cutting 0016C

 1940's     Dudley "Dudley Harriers Beat Tipton"    BDXCL Cutting 0018 
        "Tipton Win League Race At Dudley"   BDXCL Cutting 0020
 1940's     Hednesford  "Tipton Harriers Surprising Defeat" Interesting to note the participation of the various RAF teams (Cosford & Hednesford) during this wartime period.You will also see that the famous Midland athlete Jack Holden was in the RAF at this time and running for his base at Hednesford.     BDXCL Cutting 0021
 1944      Hednesford "Tipton Harrier's Fine Running"This was the final race of the normal league season. The winner of the "North Section" went on to meet the winner of the "Southern Section" in a deciding fixture at Harborne on 27th February.Looking at the calendar for the war years it means this race was probably held in 1944.    BDXCL Cutting 0022
         "Harriers' Shield Finalists"    BDXCL Cutting 0023
         "Tipton Harriers Score Again"    BDXCL Cutting 0025
         "League Leaders Beaten"    BDXCL Cutting 0026
        " Tipton Harriers Keep Shield"    BDXCL Cutting 0027
        "Birmingham League Race At Tipton"    BDXCL Cutting 0028