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This arcticle is a transcript of the document written for the MCCCA in 1979. Whilst not directly relating to the Birmingham & District XC League it does describe the development of the sport of cross country running.





On September 26th 1879, the Midland Counties Cross Country Association was formed, and this year celebrates its One Hundredth Anniversary.
Over the years, cross country running has grown in stature and popularity, from an 1830's "Hare and Hounds" activity to today's highly organised events.

There were 23 runners in the first M.C.C.C.A Championships, held just over 100 years ago, run from Handsworth to Sutton Park; by comparison, 1365 competitors, covering Boys, Youths, Juniors and Seniors, participated in the 1979 Championships held at Coventry. We are sure the sport will continue to flourish in this way.

Within these pages, no attempt has been made to detail the national growth of organised cross-country running, retrospective highlights of the Midland scene forming the bulk of the text (and no apologies for this local chauvanism!).

Information, drawn from the early Minute Books and various publications, has been combined with the author's personal experience over the last 50 years, to pay tribute to those personalities and events that have made major contributions to the sport.

We invite you all, through the pages of this brief history, to celebrate our One Hundredth Anniversary, an event, all will agree, to be proud of, and to look forward to the continued success of our Association.
Good cross-country running to you all.

Arthur Wright
Past President M.C.C.C.A.


This was the announcement that appeared on the 8th March 1879 in the Birmingham Post. On Monday 17th March the race was reported as follows:


"The two teams mustered 23 runners and the scent was laid by Messrs. Gill and Smith, and gave general satisfaction. The throw-off took place at 3-51 pm and was witnessed by a large number of spectators, amongst whom were several on horseback who rode across the country with the runners. Moseley won the team race by 34 points to Birchfield's 47 points. The winner of the race, W G George, received a gold medal; five others of the Moseley team silver medals.

J Law, the first Birchfield Harrier to finish, received a silver medal. The team and friends sat down to a good dinner under the Presidency of Mr Ellis. An attempt to run the match had taken place on 8th February but only two runners followed the trail, some were lost in Sutton Park for hours. It had been expected that the Cheshire Tally Ho Hare and Hounds would make a three-cornered contest, but eventually they withdrew.

This historical account heralded the very first Championship meeting to be held and was the appetising forerunner that precipitated the formation of the Midland Counties Cross - Country Association. Before the meeting there had been regularly run open steeplechases by football and other clubs and by some proprietors of hotels, for all and sundry to enter.

At this time, active participants of the sport included Birchfield H, Byron F C, Waverley FC, Excelsior FC, Godiva H, Sparkbrook H, Oxford Gymnasium, Bradgate H, Florence FC, Edgbaston H, Selly Oak H, Aldridge H, Holte H, Walmley H, St. Thomas's FC, Hockley FC, Redditch H, Rotton Park AC, Small Heath H, together with other active bodies.

Origins of the Sport

The Midlands can claim to have seen the start of the organised cross – country race, with the origins of the sport rooted in the Rugby School 'Crick Run' of 1837. There is evidence that Shrewsbury School had held cross – country races at an even earlier date, the runs being held weekly during the Christmas term, amid great ceremony. A 'Huntsman' would appear dressed in a black cap, with a scarlet jersey and stockings and would set the pace. The 'Gentlemen of the Runs' would follow the first division of the pack, running coatless and carrying a bludgeon to ward off the town 'toughs' who delighted in stoning the boys. They would be pursued by the second division, clad in mortar board and gown. A few cuts and bruises were the result of the events, but all who took part seemed to have enjoyed the excitement.

The idea of cross – country runs spread to other schools and soon cross – country clubs were formed, the first being the Thames Hare and Hounds in 1867.

Moseley Harriers

Cross – country running by clubs in the Midlands, as distinct from the Hare and Hounds Paper Chases, may be said to date from the establishment of Moseley Harriers, whose advent aroused such interest as to bring about the formation of many other clubs, particularly in the neighbourhood of Birmingham, of which Moseley was a suburb.
Moseley's distinction was due to the personality of a Mr H M Oliver, a member of Spartan Harriers who came fron London to take up a position in the banking world of Birmingham. He was Honorary Secretary of Moseley H, and in January 1879 established an Athletic Journal called The Midland Athlete which ran until 1886.
With a desire to bring some sort of law into the sport, he suggested the formation of a Midland Association and at a meeting held in his office on 26th September 1879 representatives of all the clubs decided to take part. Thus was the Midland Counties Cross – Country Association formed. Mr Oliver was elected Honorary Secretary and the rules and procedures agreed.

Association Jurisdiction

The second Championship race, the first under Association jurisdiction, took place on February 14th 1880, over a straight – away course from Moseley to Coleshill. Birchfield H, Moseley H, Holte H and Sparkbrook H, competed.Birchfield beat Moseley 36 points to 37. Of the 49 competitors, J Law was the first man home with W G George second. The awards were a gold medal to the first man and silver medals to the winning six.

From then on progress was rapid and over the following four years many more clubs were drawn into the competition. Sixteen contested the 1883 race with Birchfield now carrying all before them in Midland events but not in the National (first run in 1887), although they made history by being the first provincial team to win this event at Roehampton in 1880.

In the meantime the Midland Association had pressed for the National race to be run over some other course other than Roehampton, and in 1884 a provincial venue was used, and Moseley again won at Four Oaks Race Course, which accommodated the National in 1887 and 1890.

Great Efforts

After Birchfield's win in 1880, Moseley made great efforts and won the race for the next four years but they called to their aid runners from Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Coventry, Shrewsbury and other places. Birchfield followed suit. This eventually caused a great deal of trouble regarding qualifications – for instance, the "First Claim Rule"

Junior Association

Although there had been progress in the sport generally, growth was stunted by the formation of a Midland Junior Association, which drew a strong membership. This body ran two Junior Championships and the Senior Association, recognising there was not room for two promoting bodies, decided at its AGM on 12th January 1885 to make approaches for amalgamation. At the meeting it was agreed to enlarge the area for championship courses from Birmingham and District to the Midlands as a whole. The area from which entries were to be drawn at this period was within 75 miles of Birmingham. After considerable negotiation, the Junior Association was absorbed and the Junior Championship dropped, but revised again in 1892 at Northampton, to be continued each year (except during war years) until it was eventually replaced by the age group qualifications race.


In 1887 the Midland Senior Championship run at Stourbridge was a fiasco. The finish was arranged on the track at the cricket ground with two laps to be covered. The runners became so inextricably mixed up during these two laps that their finishing positions could not be discovered and the race was ordered to be re - run at Burton on Trent, For the first time in this race since the success of Moseley H, the Birchfield club was beaten, Burton winning the team race by one point and also providing the first man home, in A Houlding.

Lean Period

In 1888 there was no race as the Association was in financial difficulty. There was much discontentment and at a special general meeting on 29th November 1888, there were suggestions to run, instead of the Championships, matches between the Midlands, North and South, certificates to be awarded instead of medals.

The Championships were renewed in 1889 and continued for four years, with certificates as awards – even these were not forthcoming owing to the state of the Association finances. However, a resolution was passed empowering the Association to award medals instead of certificates should funds allow. (The situation was so desperate that the Midlands Counties AAA demanded a statement of accounts, which was duly supplied.


In 1892 it was decided to not only to run the Senior but renew the Junior Championship at Northampton, where three and five entries respectively were officially passed. The Honorary Secretary, no doubt urged by the financial consideration, accepted two late entries.

The Junior Championship continued, but the Senior was not held again until 1896 when Birchfield Harriers won the first of 14 successive victories.

Turning Point

The turning point in the Association's finances came with the staging, in 1891 of a "Good Friday Sports Meeting" at Small Heath, Birmingham. It was financially successful and later that year a sum of money was voted towards the purchase of medals owing to the previous Cross - Country Championships. When the balance sheet was presented in 1893 it disclosed a sum of £40 and a further resolution was passed that 25% of funds should be earmarked to liquidate further claims for medals owing. A Claims Committee was appointed.


In October 1895 the Association discovered, from a three year balance sheet, that they had become affluent. They therefore decided to extend hospitality to delegates from the North and South to a National Cross – Country Union meeting that was to be held in Birmingham. Unfortunately, the Midland official who held the money failed to turn up and it was a case of making a collection amongst the Midland delegates to cover the cost of dinner. The missing official, however, did deposit securities for the amount held and all ended happily!

Order Out Of Chaos

However, it was in 1895 that order really began to appear out of chaos. Mr J R Chetwynd took over the office of Honorary Treasurer, and soon all the discoverable liabilities had been cleared. He was a most able official and afterwards became a distinguished Honorary Secretary of the Midlands Counties AAA.

At an AGM of the Association held at the Exchange Restaurant, Birmingham, on Saturday 15th October 1898, the following clubs were represented: Alpine H, Birchfield H, Derby County AC, Kettering H, Northampton County, Redditch H, Small Heath H, Shrewsbury H, Walsall H and Worcester H, Leicester H, Rodley H and Rushden H were not represented.
The Honorary Treasurer was able to report " A profit on Good Friday Sports of £38-7s-6d and a profit on the Junior Championship of £5-6s-6d, Balance in hand being £83-7s-6d". At the meeting, Mr S Hulland brought forward the action of the Midland Counties AAA in electing the Cambridge Town's Cross- Country Union and raised objection to the wording of their rules. It was proposed and carried that the Midland Counties Cross- Country Association protest against this action, as one of the avowed objectives of the Cambridge club being to control cross-country runs, which would be contrary to the interest of the Association. A letter was read from Mr Alfred Jones, Honorary Secretary of Small Heath FC (now Birmingham City FC) granting permission for the use of their ground for the Good Friday Sports of 1899- (terms as 1898 -£5 guarantee, with 10% of the gross gate receipts including ticket money sold prior to the day)

It was also agreed that a die be obtained for the Association medals.

Junior Championship 1899

The event was run over the Shrewsbury Agricultural Ground on Saturday 14th February 1899. One hundred and twenty one runners from ten clubs competed:
Small Heath H 10, Trinity Presbyterians 16, Birchfield H 14, Coventry Godiva 16, Derby and County AC 15. Printed on the programme (price 2d) were the names of 82 officials including four mounted stewards.

Good Friday Sports 1899

At these sports, held on 31st March 1899, a crowd of over 3000 saw the following results:
100 yards Boys 13 entries B Sartorius
300 Open Handicap 30 entries R Warburton
880 Bicycle 12 entries E Woodward unattached
1 Mile 11 entries E Woodward unattached
880 Open Flat 44 entries J E Mathewman SHH
1Mile Open Flat 31 entries P W Mitchell SHH

Also at this event, Mr W W Alexander was presented with an illuminated address together with a "Purse of Gold" (23 guineas) in appreciation of his services as the Honorary Secretary of the Association for 10 years. (Mr Alexander was an outstanding personality in Midland athletics from the earliest days of the Association, holding at one time or other the office of Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Vice- President and President; he was also handicapper and timekeeper. He was above all the head and front of Birchfield H).

Senior Championship of 1900

This was held at Halesowen in conjunction with the Halesowen FC. The race started during the half-time period of a football league match between Halesowen and Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. The gate produced £19-1s-8d, expenses were £15-18s-6d, but with Halesowen FC claiming ground expenses there was a loss on the Championship of £3-14s-5d.

December Meeting 1900

At a meeting held on 19th December 1900 a letter was read from the Directors of Dunstall Park Race Course granting permission for the use of the racecourse for the Junior and Senior Championships – fee to be 3 guineas – on 2nd February and 23rd February 1901. Mr J Taylor of Walsall H, was elected Honorary Championship Secretary.
A record 18 teams entered for the Junior Championship, each team being allowed to enter 20 runners. The 18 comprised: Coventry Godiva H, St Barnabus H, Walsall H, Alpine H, Rodley H, Stoke H, Shrewsbury H, Lozells ACH, Harborne Heath H, Kettering, Cross Keys H, Longport H, Derby and County AC, Leicester AC, Small Heath, Oakengate and Victoria H, Birchfield H, Northampton and County H, Edgbaston H. An official scrutiny resulted in two runners being struck-out, nine allowed to run under protest, and five left to the Honorary Secretary to investigate. Once again, a large number of officials(78) were elected.
At the same meeting, after after a very long and heated discussion, it was reported that the following be added to Rule 14, "Representatives to be first claim members of the club they represent" voted by 16 to 9.
As for the dates of the races, it was agreed to postpone the Junior and Senior Championships to 16th February and 9th March 1901 respectively, on account of the "most lamentable death of her most gracious Majesty Queen Victoria."
A letter of condolence was sent to Buckingham Palace on behalf of the Association, a copy of which was attached to the Minute Book.

AGM October 1901

At the meeting held on 31st October 1901, Mr S Hulland resigned as Honorary Secretary and Mr J Taylor was elected his successor, a position he was to hold for 25 years. While Mr Taylor remained Honorary Secretary he changed his address no fewer than five times, from Walsall to Wednesbury to Birmingham (two addresses) ending at Rugby to begin a long association with the B.T.H club.

First Handicap Race

The first cross-country handicap race organised by the Association, took place on 10th January 1902 and was run from the Malt Shovel grounds, Birmingham Road, Walsall. Entries totalled 64, of which 50 faced the starter. The winner was G Scragg, of Birchfield H, in a time of 41 minutes 51 seconds (handicap 3m 30s). The fastest time was run by P Randles, also of Birchfield H (40 minutes 36 seconds, handicap 1m 30s). the programme price was 1d with admission to the ground 3d.

Unusual Incident

In the Junior Championships held at Leicester on 25th January 1902, a most unusual incident occurred. About a mile from the finish, W B Law of Alpine H and E V Lonie of St Barabas H were leading the field when they were joined By A Hinge of the Northampton Rodley club who went into the lead. Hinge was joined by Lonie and in the ensuing race Lonie fell by the wayside exhausted and unable to finish. Hinge crossed the line, but was immediately disqualified, having only completed the last part of the race (about 1 mile).
His action was considered by a sub-committee of the Cross - Country Association and the report was referred to the Midland Counties AAA. At the special committee meeting set up by the AAA, Hinge admitted that he joined in the finish of the race to pace another runner; he did not wish to appear to win the race. The decision of the committee was that Hinge be permanently suspended from taking part in any athletic event under AAA jurisdiction.
There is no record of any other competitor being permanently suspended due to misconduct in a cross – country race in the Midlands since.

The First 25 Years

After 25 years, the Association comprised the following clubs:
Alpine H, Birchfield H, Birmingham Islington H, Beeston AC, Crusaders AC, Derby and County AC, Coventry Godiva H, Harborne Heath H, Kettering H, Leicester County AC, Lozells H, Newport H, Northampton County AC, North Staffs H, Small Heath H, Victoria H, Sparkhill H, Swandlincote AA Club, Tunstall H, Walsall H, Walsall Wood H, Wolverhampton CAC and Worcester City AC.
The Senior Championship had been run 21 times, with Birchfield winning 17 times, Moseley H twice, Burton H and Worcester H once each. There were no races in 1888 and 1893-94-95.
The English National Cross – Country Championship had been won by Birchfield H eight times and four times by Moseley H.
The Individual title had been won by W G George, Moseley H (1882 and 1884), W Snook, Birchfield H (1885) and J E Heckman, Coventry Godiva H (1886).

Leading Participants

The members of the Association who played a leading part during the first 25 years, were: W H Jope, F J Grey, J Lane, J Hunt, A Mabbett, W W Alexander ( all of Birchfield H), H M Oliver (Moseley H), C F Hill (Burton AC), R Hewitt (Edgbaston H), S Hulland (Redditch), Pickering, Phipps and J Porteous (Northampton CAAC), H Wallace (Walsall AC), C H Mallaband (Small Heath H), A J Eggleston, J Carson (Derby and County AC), F K Ward (Leicester AC), J Taylor (Walsall AC).
With a balance sheet in favour of the Association of £181-15s, the Honorary Secretary was given permission to purchase a roll – top desk for the purpose of storing Association papers.
Stoke Harriers and St. Barnabas H amalgamated at this time, and became known as North Staffs H.
The National Championship had been staged at Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, twice, and once at Redditch, Water Orton, Horton (Northants), Leicester, Sutton Coldfield and Wolverhampton.

First International

The first International Cross – Country Championships were held at Hamilton Park, Scotland, on 28th March 1903, where the result was England (25 points), Ireland (78 points), Scotland (107 points) and Wales (140 points).
The first invitation to send a team to Paris for a cross – country race was received and accepted, subject to the offer to pay expenses be made through Cooks Travel Agents. The first eight men to finish in the Senior Championships would be selected for the Paris trip.

Qualifications to Compete in Championships

In the 1880's when clubs had accepted members from out of the Birmingham area, it became more difficult to discover whether men entered in teams were qualified to take part. At the commencement of any championships a man became qualified to compete for his club after he had taken part in three club training runs over a period of 14 days.


At the scrutiny meetings prior to a Championship, many entries were subject to investigation relating to their eligibility to compete. This caused ill feeling between clubs, resulting in a greater amount of work to settle the problems for the Honorary Secretary and Championship Secretary. It was therefore found necessary to revise the rules. New rules came into effect in September 1903 containing the following:
" A competitor in either Championships shall be a first claim member of the club he represents and shall have been a member of that club before 31st December prior to the race. No competitor having represented one club in any Championships shall be allowed to compete for any other club unless he has been a first claim member of such a club for at least 14 months prior to the date of the Championships, if the club for which he last competed intends to again compete""
This rule made the position clear to persons entering Championship teams and most certainly was of real assistance to the officers of the Association.

Organisation in the Early Days

When one considers the congested fixture list of present day cross – country events, it does well to look back to see how the sport was organised in the early days. A meeting of club secretaries would be called before the start of the cross – country season, when the dates of the Junior and Senior Championships would be arranged. The clubs would then arrange inter – club events which formed the major part of the club's fixtures, inter – club runs were very sociable events, being followed by a tea. After Championship events it was usual for the prize distribution to take place at a local hostelry. A smoking concert was usually arranged with officials and competitors joining together for an evening's entertainment. A dinner and prize distribution was a must for all clubs, being the highlight of the season.
The following note which appeared in Sport and Play is worthy of mention:
"Tickets for the Sparkhill Harriers Social and Dinner on 11th March 1904 at the Stratford Road Board School are now in the hands of members. The evening's entertainment will include dancing, character reading, distribution of prizes and a miscellaneous concert of high class. As showing what the club does for its members, the value of the prizes for members races during the season runs out to the splendid sum of £15. The Editor of Sport and Play wonders if any other club provides so much for its members"

AGM October 1904

At the AGM held on 6th October 1904, Albert J Eggleston of Derby and County H was elected President (39 members being present) and it was recorded that: Good Friday Sports profit was £60; assets were £165-16s-2d; Leicester Fosse H, Ilkeston H and Rugby United H were elected, with Moulton H resigning.

Appeals for Funds

At a committee meeting on 5th January 1905, BTH H, Cheltenham H, Ilkeston H, Moseley H and Stamford H were elected.
An appeal for funds to purchase two Challenge Cups or Shirlds to be competed for annually was agreed in November 1904, one for the winning team in the Senior Championship and one for the winning team in the Junior Championship. After a few months a sum of £42-2s-6d was received, including a donation of five guineas from the Midland counties AAA and a sum of £18 from Mr Henry Mitchell to cover the cost of the 'Henry Mitchell Challenge Cup' which, with engraving, cost £25 the Senior Championship Cup was purchased at a cost of £50. One wonders what the cost would be to replace these trophies at today's prices.

AGM 1905

The Association continued to progress and it was reported at the AGM that 32 clubs were then affiliated and the assets had reached £175 due to the continued success of the 'Good Friday Sports'.


Over the year, the word 'poaching' had been raised many times, but it was not until 2nd October 1907 at a meeting of the Association that Mr Johnson of Leamington AC made charges against Mr W W Alexander (Birchfield H) and Mr A E Machin (Sparkhill H) of having approached members of Leamington AC ( a breach of rule20).
Both Mr Alexander and Mr Machin strongly denied the charges and it was agreed that the matter be referred to a sub-committee of the Association. The Honorary Secretary was instructed to write to all clubs asking for details of any complaints that they had of members of other clubs who had made similar approaches.
This report of the sub-committee was presented at a meeting on 28th November and read by the Chairman. It reported evidence taken at the committee's investigation and was signed by each member of the committee, and, with a view to the findings being a warning for the future, it was proposed, seconded and carried that the findings be entered in the Minutes of the Association.
The committee's findings in the case relating to C Harris's charge against Mr Machin were "that Mr Machin, bearing in mind his official capacity as handicapper, having written to a competitor soliciting membership of a certain club, was guilty of a very serious action but the fact of his not having followed up this communication meant that the censure of the President would be sufficient".
"The committee considered the charge of approaching Mr Irons knowing him to be a member of Leamington AC made against Mr W W Alexander and Mr J Birch, was fully substantiated"
At the next meeting of the Association, Mr W W Alexander proposed and Mr C C Alexander seconded that the adoption of the Minutes be deferred. When put to the vote, the Minutes of the meeting were passed by a large majority (there were 44 delegates, no doubt all aware of what was to transpire).
This slight rebuff made not the least difference to the enthusiasm of Mr Alexander and Mr Machin; they both continued to give wonderful service to athletics in the Midlands. In fact, Mr Machin holds the record for years as a President of the Midlands Association, having been in office from 1913 to 1922, including the war years. Mr W W Alexander was elected President in 1903-04.

Novice Race

At the 5th November meeting it was agreed that a Novice Race be organised. Runners were not eligible to compete who had finished in the first 40 in any recognised Association cross-country championship. The first Novice Race was run prior to the International cross-country race at Derby on the 26th March 1909, and the following teams took part: Aston H, Bearwood H, Beeston H, Burslem Gymnasium H, Birmingham H, Edgbaston H, Godiva H, Lozells H, Hanley YMCA, Leamington AC, Newcastle St George's H, Nottingham and Notts H, Walsall H, Wolverhamptom AC. The winner was E H Cashmore of Lozells, with Nottingham and Notts H winning the team race.
Expenses were £7-9s-3d with receipts, including donations, £5-2s-6d making a loss of £2-6s-9d.

Bookies Out

Despite the warnings in the programme of 'No Bookmaking', officials seemed to turn a blind eye when these gentlemen appeared at events organised by the Association. For example, a Junior race run at Walsall was won by A Underwood of Birchfield H, beating the red-hot favourite A Ashby of Coventry Godiva. After the race a bookmaker's Odds Board was discovered, which had offered odds of 2-Ashby; 8-Coley; 10-Soney; 12-Underwood, Green, Hart, Mountford; 16-Owen, Lewis; 20-Martin, Perry.

AGM October 1910

At the meeting held on 5th October 1910, Mr E B Reynish of North Staffs H was elected President, following Albert J Eggleston of Derby and County who had served as President from 1904 to 1909. Mr Eggleston was a well-known sportsman in his younger days and, when entering the administration of athletics, proved to be a first-class administrator. He was later to become Mayor of Derby and died in 1923. It was agreed at the AGM that a permanent testimonial should be provided to record the splendid service of Mr Eggleston.
Mr C Alexander drew the attention of the meeting to the fact that the medals presented to the winners of the Novice Team race were copied from the Birchfield H medal, which had been used by Birchfield for 25 years. It was agreed to investigate the matter and change the medals should Mr Alexander's observation be correct.
Sutton-in-Ashfield H and Tipton H were elected to membership.

Complaint (AGM 1910)

Bearwood H complained that Birmingham H had opened up a branch 300 yards of their headquarters, and the meeting agreed that Birmingham H be asked to move.
The assets of the Association had shrunk to £70-1s-0d in September 1910 but this did not prevent the Midlands from entertaining the delegates of the E.C.C.U after a meeting held in Birmingham. The Exchange Restaurant account read as follows: Dinner (including wine) £9-19s 3d; Artistes £1-12s-6d; Printing £1-6s-3d; Total £12-18s-0d. (A good time was had by all).

Smoking Concert

After the Junior Championship run at the Birmingham Race Course on 21st January 1911 (the individual winner was W Baldwin, North Staffs H; Cwmbran H won the team race), Smoking Concert was held at the Victoria Hotel, Birmingham, when Championship awards were made, also a Presentation to the Past President, A J Eggleston. A very large number of athletes and officials attended to say 'Thank You' to Mr Eggleston for his services.

Handicapping Board of Control

At a meeting held on 23rd March 1911, the Midland Counties AAA requested that the Association elect a representative to the Handicapping Board of Control. Mr C H Mallabond was unanimously elected to fill the position.
At the same meeting it was agreed that equal prizes should be awarded to both Birchfield H and Thrapston and District AC who had made a dead heat (168 points) for second position in the Senior Championships. North Staffs H were the winners of the Championships for the first time with 41 points.

Clubs in arrears

At the AGM on 4th October 1911, 52 delegates attended the meeting, including Jim Partridge, Tipton H and G Austin, Birchfield H, both later to become Honorary Secretary of their respective clubs. Cash in hand was £54-6s-10d
Clubs in arrears: Burslem Gymnasium, Burton H, Loughborough AC, Williams and Robinsons AC, Walsall AC, Free Church 'Silverdale' H, at 10s-6d each (all season 1910-1911).
At a meeting held on 18th February 1912, it was stated that a letter had been received from Birmingham H stating that the club had been wound up and the members recommended to join Small Heath H en bloc.

Perpetual Trophy

A Novice Team race was run on the grounds adjoining the Greswold Arms, Knowle, Warwickshire, on 14th December 1912. Mr H J Everill, a member of the Association, presented a magnificent silver trophy as a perpetual trophy to be held for one year by the winning team, the first of whom being North Staffs H. A Sanderson of Sparkhill H was the individual winner from the 202 runners from 20 teams who had entered.
At the AGM on 8th October 1913 MR A E Machin was elected President, which position he held for nine years. Mr C H Mallabond of Small Heath H replaced Mr Machin as Honorary Secretary.

Olympic Games

The matter of the Olympic Games was brought forward and delegates were instructed to bring to the notice of the Midland Counties AAA the great work the Cross - Country Association was doing to develop talent for summer athletics and to ask that some of the prizes now being given for Novice trials and Olympic scratch events be allocated to the Midland Counties Cross – Country Association. In response to this, the Olympic Committee later granted a set of medals (solid silver and bronze) and these were presented to first three individuals in the 1913 Novice race, namely W Braycer, SparkhillH, T E Cook, Sutton-in-Ashfield H, H Bayliss, Wolverhampton AC.

War Years

At the AGM held at the Exchange Restaurant, Birmingham, on 6th October 1914, a general discussion took place as to the advisability of holding fixtures during the crisis period. The meeting agreed to defer a decision until 30th December at which time it was decided that the Championships should not be held that season and that the club subscription be reduced to 1/- per season.
It was agreed to run a Novice Race from the Bulls Head, Yardley, on 13th February 1915. The race was to be confined to runners who had never won a prize other than in club or school events either on the flat or across the country – 12 to run, four to count.
There was a loss on the 1915 Good Friday Sports of £17- 1s- 8d and Military Races organised at Burton and Lichfield cost the Association £7- 0s- 8d.
Assets for 1915 were – one Consol value £65, less £5- 6s- 8d owing to the bank.
At a meeting in 1916 Mr J Taylor, Honorary Secretary, proposed that, owing to the difficulty of travelling, and work, in which he found himself, Mr W Shirley Blaydon should take over the secretarial duties of the Association from that date.
At the sports held on Easter Monday, 24th April 1916, at Cape Hill, a 100 yard race for ladies was included in the programme for the first time. The sports made a profit of £13- 7s – 1d.
Events organised for 1916 – 17 included: 22nd January, a six – mile handicap; 19th February, a one-mile junior race; 4th March, a ten - mile senior race.
The AGM held on 10th October 1918 was attended by a record low number of delegates (13) but the returns for the Good Friday Sports at Cape Hill produced a profit of £139-15s-0d, the gate money being £289-8s-0d.

Highlights 1919 – 1920

The Association reverted to its previous programme. The officers for 1919-1920 were: President A E Machin; Honorary Secretary J Taylor; Honorary Treasurer C Mallabond; Assistant Honorary Secretary B Bashford. Assets of the Association were £224-7s-6d.
The following venues for Association rates were agreed:
Novice Team Race to be held on 6th December 1919 at Coventry
Junior Championship to be held on 7th February 1920 at Derby
Senior Championship to be held on 21st February 1920 at Longbridge.
At the scrutiny meeting held on 1st December, no fewer than 16 were struck out of the Novice Team entries, mostly for winning prizes at a mile and over.
Birchfield H provided the winner of the Senior Championship in C E Blewitt. They also won the team race, indeed they were not defeated until 1949 when Tipton H won at Great Barr.
At the time of the AGM of 1921, the Association's assets had risen to £365-1s-3d due to a profit at the Good Friday Sports. The Senior Championship showed a small profit of £2-4s-3d, despite a charge of £14-15s-9d entertainment tax.
Mr D Lyons was elected President at the AGM of 1922. Birchfield H won the National, run at Hereford, and the race proved a most outstanding success as a promotion and financially.
As an appreciation of the great work done by Mr A E Machin, it was agreed that a present to the value of £20 be made to him.


In the ensuing years the question of the Registration of Athletes had been the subject of a great deal of discussion. The Midland Counties AAA conducted a survey amongst clubs who eventually decided not to proceed with registration. It may surprise many people that the 'Registration of Club Members' was introduced by the Cross – Country Association in 1923 as follows:
"That qualifying runs be abolished and that all clubs shall forward to the Association's Honorary Secretary not later than 7th January in each year, a list of their 'first claim' members together with the date of each members election.


Over the years, the question of branches of clubs being formed was discussed with delegates, some commenting on the danger that might arise. In 1922 Mr Winter drew the Association's attention to the fact that Birchfield H had opened a branch of their club at Coventry. It was pointed out to Mr Winter that the rule did not debar a club from opening a branch. This did not however, help Godiva H and 1924 a further resolution was proposed and carried:
"That no club shall open a branch within a radius of five miles from any other affiliated club headquarters".

New Clubs

The decision that "clubs and branch clubs be allowed to enter teams in the Championship" enabled new clubs to enter the Association. West Bromwich H, who were formally a branch of Small Heath H, joined on 1st May 1924, followed by Tamworth H, Dudley H, Wolverhampton AC, Wednesbury H, Halesowen AC and Bedford AC. Birchfield H followed, by affiliating several of their branches as clubs in their own rights, viz Coventry Birchfield H, Kings Norton Birchfield H, Sutton Coldfield Birchfield H, Stourbridge Birchfield H.
The question of branches was finally settled on 7th October 1926 when it was agreed that "no club shall have more than one headquarters, or more than one official training headquarters".

On 5th October 1927, Birmingham University were affiliated to the Association, with a lot of discussion then ensuing on the qualifications of University athletes competing in Area and National Championships. In fact the subject was in the agenda of the E.C.C.U's AGM in 1978 (51 years later).


The Novices Team race at Rugby in 1924 is very clear in the author's mind for it was his first Midland Cross - Country race. The winner of the race was J T Hunt of Bloxwich. He was later disqualified, having won a prize in a mile race, and R Dewey of Dudley H was placed first. T Garbett of Birchfield H, who finished seventh in the race, was also disqualified, which made Tipton H winners of the team race, displacing Birchfield H. Both Hunt and Garbett appeared before the Association and were barred from taking part in any cross – country events for 1925.

AGM May 1925

The Minutes for the AGM of 7th May 1925 show that the President was J Carson, Derby County ACC. Mr J Taylor resigned as Honorary Secretary, a position he had held for 25 years, and a testimonial fund organised later raised a sum of £40 for Mr Taylor. Mr E Bricknell agreed to accept the position of Honorary Secretary on condition that a typewriter be provided. Mr A G Cannon was appointed Honorary Treasurer.
Mr Taylor was elected President for 1926 and held office until 1929.

Everill Cup Race

In 1926 the Novice Race was re-named the Everill Cup Race. Birchfield H were the first winners of the team race under its new title. A H Cadman of Godiva H was the individual Winner.

Mr B Bashford

Mr E Bricknell resigned as Honorary Secretary and was replaced by Mr B Bashford, who became a household name in athletics.

Disc Scoring

In the 1928 Everill Cup Race at Sutton – ashfield, the disc system of scoring was introduced for the first time. However, due to the inexperience of the disc stewards, the result could not be obtaind and the results from the Judges' results boards.
Mr J McKenna and his brother Tom presented a shield for the Youths
The Fiftieth AGM

The 50th AGM was held at the White House Hotel, Birmingham, on 28th August 1929. Present were : J Taylor, W W Alexander, D Lyons, A Mabbett, A E Machin (Past Presidents); C E Linsay, J Ellis, F A Peace, J McKenna, J Roberts (Vice Presidents), T Birch, H H Stock, C H N Winspeare, A Mussey, W Johnson, G E Randle, F Smith, J Britton, H Britton, J T Dainty, M Weaver, E J Peace, F Boyson, H B Warner, H Reader, W H Shaff, T W Adey, P Collins, J Hutton, A Wroe, A Iddles, W S Bluden, A W H Stringer, S A Wright, J E Webster, J Sandbrook, R Ketterbridge, A G Cannon, B Bashford, together with others who failed to sign the attenders book.
Mr J McKenna was elected President; A G Cannon, Honorary Treasurer; B Bashford, Honorary Secretary.
Assets were £283-10s-6d with £37-5s-7d coming from the Smethwick Sports.
Since the formation of the Association, Birchfield Harriers had won the Senior Cross – Country Championship 33 times and Moseley twice; North Staffs H twice; Burton H, Worcester H, Derby County AC and Thrapston AC once each.
Birchfield H had won the National Cross – Country Championship 20 times, and Moseley H four times.
The National had been staged at the following Midland venues over the first 50 years of the Association: Colwall Park, Derby, Wolverhampton, Hereford (twice) and Leamington.

Everill Cup 1929

A record entry of 30 teams participated in the Everill Cup race held at Sutton-in-Ashfield on 7th December, including for the first time teams from Birchfield H, Coventry Birchfield and Stourbridge Birchfield. W Dare of Coventry Godiva H finished first, but was later found to be ineligible to compete and disqualified, and the race was awarded to H Farley of Birchfield H and Tipton H won the race.
It is pleasing to note that amongst the competitors for this race were four who retained their interest in the Cross – Country Association, and later became Presidents – F E Hurley of Harborne H, F Cull of Smethwick, H G White of Leicester H and W A Evans of West Bromwich H.

Jubilee Dinner

Following the Youths Championship held at the Edgbaston Reservoir on 11th January 1930, a dinner was held at the Great Wesrern Hotel, Birmingham, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Association.

51st AGM 1930

At the meeting held September 1930, Mr J Peace of Harborne H was elected Honorary Secretary, a position he was to hold for 37 years. Stoke AC and Peters and Spillers AC were elected members of the Association.

National Championships 1931

Kettering, Northants was the venue for this event, with Midlands Competeitors doing extremely well, providing the second and third placed athletes in J W Winfield of Derby and County AC and Sgt R R Sutherland of Birchfield H. Birchfield H were winners of the team race, and a record profit of £285-19s-3d was raised.

Financial Problems

The Midlands finances received a set-back when it was reported that a loss of £93-16s 0d had been made on the Good Friday Sports, with a further loss reported on the Championships meeting. Such was the position that an appeal for one guinea from each member was made. However, the situation continued until 1933 when it was agreed to increase affiliation and entry fees.

Human Starting Gate

Mr W H Wallsgrove of Leamington AC proposed the adoption of a 'Human Starting Gate' in order to achieve fair starts in races. It was agreed that this would be tried in the Youths Race, with the Disc Stewards forming the gate under the direction of the Chief Steward. This innovation was, however discontinued after a few races, as several gate stewards had been knocked to the ground by the rush of eager athletes! We presume Mr Wallsgrove was consoled by his election to President in 1932.

Attendance Record

Interest in the Association was running high at this time, with a total of 78 delegates attending the AGM in September 1934, and the average attendance of delegates, at general committee meetings was 52.

National Championships 1934

For the first time in many years, the National Championships were held close to Birmingham, at Hinley Hall, Dudley. This gave members of local clubs the opportunity to assist with the promotion, and W E Patrick was the local Honorary Secretary and J Peace the Championships Honorary Secretary. Many committee meetings were held at Tipton, resulting in a well organised Championships which Birchfield H won (for the seventh successive occasion). A profit of over £100 was raised.
J T Holden, who finished third in the National, retained his International title in the race held at Ayr Racecourse on 24th March 1934.

Senior Championships 1935

This meeting at Wolverhampton Racecourse produced one of the finest races ever seen. D A Currie won the race, beating J T Holden by inches. Currie had won the Everill Cup in 1934 and the Junior Championship in 1935. Jack Holden established a record when retaining the International title for the third successive year.

AGM 1935

Mr H S Shacklock OBE, was elected as President. A much brighter balance sheet was produced, with assets of £140–18s–4d, including subscriptions and donations of £52–10s-6d.

National Championships 1935

Birchfield H's unbroken run of seven wins was ended by Belgrave H, taking the title for the first time in their club's history. In fact, the Midlands did not win any team or individual medals.

Crossed Trails

At a meeting held in November 1935, letters were read from Lozells H and West Bromwich H regarding the crossing of each others trails in the Warstone Field area (now known as Sandwell Valley). This confusion gave rise to the following piece of cross-country folklore:

One day it so happened that Lozells H were entertaining Tipton H at the same time that West Bromwich H were visited by an Aberystwyth University team. Part of the course was laid over a bridge, both teams supposedly crossing in opposite directions, as usual. However, a member of Tipton H followed the wrong course and became hopelessly lost.

Eventually he was joined by another runner, a stranger to the Tipton man, who asked " What Club?" "Aberystwyth" came back the reply. "Bloody hell" exclaimed our hero, "I knowed I'd bin runnin' a long time but dey think I'd run that bloody far!"

AGM 1937

It was reported at this, the 58th AGM that Mr A E Machin, a Past President, had died. Mr Machin had also been editor of Sports Play, the Athletic Cycling Journal which was produced in Birmingham for many years. C J Emery of North Staffs H was congratulated on winning the International Championships that year. Hinckley Technical College and Arley Colliery were elected members.

National Championships 1938

It was the turn of the Midlands to stage the National Championships, and Stratford-on-Avon was the agreed venue. R J Knight was elected local Honorary Secretary and J Peace Championship Honorary Secretary. A strong local committee was formed, and with the full co-operation of thr Racecourse Directors, an excellent course was provided. Birchfield H won the Senior Championships and H D Clark of York H was the individual winner.

60th AGM September 1939

Owing to the outbreak of World War Two it was agreed that all the Associations trophies should be called in and stored for the duration of hostilities, and that no affiliation fees should be paid for the 1939-40 season.

Activities during the War Years

No Championship meetings were held, but the Youth and Junior races were run. Individuals were allowed to compete where a team was not entered, and ten teams competed in the Youth race held at Warley Woods on 10th February 1940. The winner was H Swindells of Smethwick H with British United AC winning the team trophy. The Junior race was held at Leamington Spa on 9th March 1940 and was won by F Froggatt of Small Heath H, with Tipton H claiming the team race.
J Timmins of Tipton H and J Cole of Dudley H were the Association's nominations for a ECCU Junior team which were to compete in a race in Paris.

61st AGM August 1940

At the meeting held on 28th August, F Smith of Derby and County AC was elected President.

Fixture Results 1940-41

A Youths and Seven-Mile Open Handicap was run at West Bromwich on 7th December 1940, with J Corfield of Tipton H winning the Youths race (team winners Tipton H) and A J Morgan of Rugby BH winning the Open Handicap, R Reid of Birchfield was scratch man.
An Open Team Race Handicap was held at Great Barr on 11th January 1941, Penn H being the winners.
The first Midland University v Midland Association match was run from King Norton, Birmingham on 1st February 1941, the winner being F E Aaron of Leeds University. Team placings (18 to score) were Midlands 196 and Midland Universities 272.
A 'Mob' Match between the Midlands and RAF and RA units was held at Dartmouth Park on 8th March 1941, the winner being the ubiquitous Corp J T Holden RA. Points scored: Midlands 746, RA and RAOC 1600, RAF 1777.

62nd AGM September 1941

Mr A R Churchill of Harborne H was elected President, on 3rd September, and it was agreed that the clubs be asked to pay half affiliation fees (10s 6d) for that season.

Allied Forces Cross - Country Race

At Dartmouth Park, West Bromwich, on 22nd November 1941, a match was arranged between the MCCCA and Western Command, RAF (Midlands), Czech, Belgian and Canadian forces competing. The salute was taken by Col. C S Bache, President of West Bromwich H, as the teams paraded to music.
First man home was G V Hughes of the Midlands (Jack Holden ran off the course) and the team results were as follows:
1st MCCCA 110 points
2nd Royal Canadians 341 points
3rd RAF (Midlands) 443 points
4th Western Command 452 points
5th Belgian Army 647 points
6th Czech Army 827 points
The teams and officials were entertained to tea at the Drill Hall, West Bromwich, with the Mayor of West Bromwich presenting the awards. It was held to be a most enjoyable fixture, a real 'war effort' by the MCCCA.

Youth Race and Seven-Mile Handicap 1941

This was run from Dartmouth Park, West Bromwich on 16th December, and C Hewitt of Coventry Godiva H was the winner of the Youth Race, with Dudley H and AC winning the team position. The Open Handicap was won by M White of Birchfield H.
An Open Team Handicap Race was held at Great Barr in January 1941, with Penn H again taking first position.
The Midlands v English Universities ran at Harborne on 7th February 1942, the winner being R Reid of the Midlands team scoring 175 points.
The Midlands also competed against the RAF at Sheldon on 7th March 1942. A C Smith of Cosford RAF was the individual winner, with Midlands taking the team title.

63rd AGM September 1943

The President, Mr A R Churchill, welcomed to the meeting Mr L Richardson, the Honorary Secretary of the ECCU.

64th AGM September 1943

At this meeting, held on 11th September, it was reported that Mr J Taylor, owing to ill - health, would have to give up the position of Honorary Treasurer to the ECCU. The Association proposed that Mr H Phipps should take over.
It was agreed that clubs be requested to pay the full subscription of one giunea for the 1944 – 45 season.

65th AGM September 1944

Mr A G Cannon of Lozells H was elected President, after being Treasurer to the Association and Secretary to the Good Friday Sports for many years. Mr F A Peace was elected Honorary Treasurer.
It was announced that since the previous meeting, Mr Joe Taylor had died, after 50 years service to the Association.
It was agreed that clubs who promoted Association races should receive one third of the net profit resulting from the promotion.
Walsall AC, Redditch Road and Path, and RAF (Fern Hill) were elected to the Association.

Results of Fixtures 1942 – 43 – 44

The winner of the Youths Race held at Coventry in December 1942 was D D Willett of Coventry Godiva H, who also took the team title.
The Seven – Mile Handicap of 1942 was won by F Bray of Coventry Godiva H.
The 1943 Open Handicap Team Race held at Great Barr in January, was won by Dudley H.
At the Midlands v Combined Universities match held in February 1943, F E Aaron of Leeds University was the individual winner, with the MCCCA taking 62 points.
A Youths Race was held at Dartmouth Park, West Bromwich, in December 1943, where the winner was W Hawkley of Bromsgrove AC. The team winners were Leicester College of Art and Technology.
The Seven – Mile Handicap Team Race was held at Great Barr. The winners were Halesowen AC.
The Midlands v Universities match staged at Bournbrook on 5th February 1944 was won by the Midlands, with R Reid winning the event.
A Youths Six – Mile Handicap was held at Rugby on 2nd December 1944, and was won by J A Walls of Leicester C, Birchfield H were the winning team.
Small Heath H were the winners of a Handicap Team Race held at Coventry on 3rd January 1945.
The First ECCU Youths Race was arranged to be run at West Bromwich on the 10th March 1945, also a District Senior Race on the same day.
A match between the MCCCA and English Universities took place on 3rd February 1945 at Bournbrook. The winner was D Haw of Reading University, with the MCCCA winning the team event.

66th AGM 1945

It was reported at this meeting that no club had accepted the one – third that was due to them from race promotions.

Return to Peace – time Programme

The programme arranged for the 1945 – 46 season was:
1 – Victory Cup Race at Stratford – on – Avon, on 3rd November 1945
2 – Everill Cup Race at Great Barr, on 24th November 1945
3 – Youths and Six – Mile Race at Leicester, on 15th December 1945
4 – Junior Championship at Halesowen on 26th January 1946
5 – Senior Championship at Bromsgrove on 2nd March 1946
6 – English Championships at Leamington on 9th March 1946
The result of the first "Victory Race", open to teams from Counties within the
Area, was 1st J T Holden, with Staffs winning the team race. The Victory Cup was presented to the Midland Association by the Mayor of Stratford, Roddy Baker.
The Youths Race received an entry of 22 teams. All winners of awards received certificates which were redeemed with gold, silver gold centered and silver medals when these became available.
The Six – Mile Handicap received such a large entry that it was agreed to award four handicap and three fastest time prizes.

National at Leamington

A field of 239 competed in the National Championships, which resulted in a win for J Holden, with R Reid second. The event was organised by a local committee, with W H Walsgrove, T Clifford and H Reader at the helm, with the support of the Lockhead Sports and Social Club, and a profit of £200 resulted.

67th AGM August 1946

At this meeting reference was made to the donation of £25 by Mr H S Shacklock to defray the loss that existed on the Championship account. The Association received a cheque for £25, which represented its share of the National Championship profit.
Jack Holden

At the above meeting it was reported that the Express & Star, Wolverhampton, had received permission to set up a Testimonial Fund to Jack Holden, in recognition of his cross – country performances. His unmatched record was as follows:
Midlands Senior Championships – Winner 1931,1932, 1933, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1938, 1939, 1946.
National Championships – Winner 1938, 1939, 1946. Third – 1932, 1934.
International Championships – 1920 (18th), 1930 (7th), 1931 (6th), 1932 (2nd), 1933 (1st), 1934 (1st), 1935 (1st), 1936 (2nd), 1938 (6th), 1939 (1st), 1946 (6th).
Following the National Championships in 1935, Jack was presented with a replica of the Lafayate Trophy to commemorate his performances in the International Championships. The trophy had been presented as a result of an appeal amongst members of the Association.

Disaster En Route to National

The National at Apsley, in 1947, was a disappointment to many Midland clubs and athletes, owing to adverse weather conditions. For weeks prior to the Championships, roads had been blocked by snow and ice, and it was not until a few hours before the Championship was to be run that permission was received to travel. However, just outside Coventry many of the coaches from the Midland area got stuck, so the aspirations of many Midlanders were well and truly iced – up! More disappointment was to follow, as the ECCU team selectors were not prepared to include any athlete in the International team who had not taken part in the Championships, despite strong protests from the Midland team manager, Jack McKenna.

German Prisoners of War

It was agreed by the Association in 1947 that no protest would be made should clubs wish to invite German prisoners of war to their headquarters for training runs, so long as the MCAAA raised no objections.

Sports Meeting 1947

A Sports Meeting was arranged at Palethorpes Sports Ground, Tipton, and a Guarantee Fund was introduced which eventually totalled £131 16s 0d. A profit of £37 10s 2d was raised from the sports.

Joint Championships 1948

For the first time, at the National Championships at Sheffield in 1948, the Youth, Junior and Senior Championships were held at the same meeting.

69th AGM 1948

The balance sheet at this time showed a profit of £354 16s 3d, due in most part to a profit of £104 4s 2d from the Senior Championship organised at Great Barr by Birchfield H. Birchfield were rewarded by winning the team event and providing the individual winner in R Reid.
Mr F E Hurdley of Harborne H was elected Honorary Treasurer to replace Mr A Cannon, who had resigned owing to illness.
Mr A R Churchill presented the 'Churchill Cup' to be awarded to the winner of the Seven – Mile – Race.
It was agreed at this time that athletes who represented the Association during the season would receive a small vest badge.

National Championships 1949

Once again, it was the Midlands turn to stage the National Championships, and for the first time they were held actually in Birmingham, at the Bromford Bridge Racecourse on 12th March 1949. Mr J Peace was again Championship Secretary with many representatives of the local clubs assisting. However, Midlands teams failed to win any awards in the Senior Championships, but a splendid profit of £825 resulted from the promotion, the Association receiving a percentage.

Presidents Badge of Office

Mr Sam Hill of Derby presented to the Association a President's Badge of Office, which took the form of the Association's medal with the word 'President' inscribed. Mr H Phipps was the first President to receive the Badge of Office.

71st AGM 1950

Mr G Austin, Honorary Secretary of Birchfield H was elected President. Geoff had rendered years of valuable service to his club and to the Association.
A change of rules was agreed, enabling incomplete teams to compete as individuals in Association events. It was also decided that no new club should be allowed to have its headquarters or training quarters within two miles of an established club.

Coaching Lectures

The first ever coaching lecture was given at the Alexander Grounds on 17th January 1951. The subject was 'The Physical Effort and Technique for Long Distance Running', and the speaker was Mr L Malcombe, AAA coach.

National Championships 1951

For these Championships, the Association booked a special train, starting from Wolverhampton. Two hundred and fifty – six tickets were sold, the cost from Birmingham, including breakfast and dinner being £1 14s 0d!
B Heatley was third, with Tipton H third in the Youths race, and R Hatton third in the Junior race.
Despite a snowstorm in the afternoon, it was a splendid trip.

72nd AGM 1951

At this time, 59 clubs were affiliated to the Association, and it was agreed that 12 sets of vests and shorts should be purchased for members of teams selected to represent the Association.
Small Heath H gained their first victory in the Senior Championships held at Woodgate, with C W Grey of Small Heath the individual winner ( the first of his three Senior victories).
The Midland Inter – Counties race was run in conjunction with the Senior race and resulted in a win for Staffordshire.
A sports meeting was not held in 1952 due to failing interest.
The Association President, Mr C C Austin, was at this time elected President of the ECCU.
The death of a Past President, Mr Sam Hill, was reported on January 30th 1952.


There has only ever been one case of an appeal against an Association decision, and this was made by Lozells H. One of their members, D J Ball, who entered in a Cyclists v Harriers race, was not allowed to compete by the referee who claimed that Ball had not served the obligatory 14 month waiting period following his resignation from his previous club. Lozells H claimed that Ball had not in fact, joined Lozells H until 14 months after his resignation, and several meetings between the Association and representatives of Lozells were held. However the matter was not resolved until Lozells appealed to the AAA who found that Ball should be allowed to compete for Lozells H forthwith as per AAA rules.
Following this case, at the next AGM of the ECCU a rule was introduced to the effect that any athlete resigning a club and not joining another for at least 14 months would be eligible to compete for another club immediately.
The Midland Association also introduced a similar rule at their next AGM.

National Championships 1951

These were staged at Great Barr, Birmingham, by Birchfield H and a special vote of thanks was recorded to the Midlands President, Mr C G Austin and his club members, who had worked so hard to make the Championships so successful, in particular Cecil Harris and members of the Ground Committee. A profit of £671 1s 6d resulted.
One member of the Association who has happy memories of this meeting, is Frank Cull of Smethwick H, who, as a Post Office employee, was responsible for the telephone link – up for the BBC – as he said, it was the only cross – country race he'd been paid to attend.

Change of ECCU President's Rota

At this time Eastern Counties became eligible to stage the National Championships, which meant a change in the English Union's Presidents rota from three to four years would occur. It was agreed by the Midland Association that the term of their President would be increased to four years to ensure that he would have the opportunity of being elected National President while in the office of Midland President.

73rd AGM 1952

A discussion took place at this meeting to decide whether the Seven – Mile Championship should remain as previously held, or be substituted by a basic 18/21 years race. It was agreed that the Youth and Seven – Mile Races be held on 7th February 1953 and the Junior and Senior Races on 21st February 1953. At a subsequent meeting in October 1952 it was decided the Seven – Mile race should remain a Championship event.
Mr A G Cannon was elected to the office of International President, due to the fact that the race would be held in the Midlands in 1954.

Junior Championship

The first Junior Championship was staged at Nottingham on 20th December 1952 (over 18 and under 21). R H Hatton of Birchfield H was the winner. Coventry Godiva H won the team race and became the first holders of the Roddy Baker Victory Cup which had been transferred to this event, the Midland Inter – County race being discontinued.

Winning Form

Birchfield H returned to winning form at Reading in the National Championships in 1954, last winning this event in 1937.
The first General Championships held on 13th February 1954, resulted in a profit of £54 and were staged at Great Barr by Birchfied H.

74th AGM 1953

At this meeting it was announced that Mr E J Sandbach of North Staffs and Mr H Phipps of Rugby had died.
Mr D J Taylor was elected Honorary Treasurer and Alfreton AC, Bristol AC, Stone and District were elected, with Birmingham Atlanta resigning.
It was agreed that the Youths, Junior and Senior Championships be held on one day (13th February 1954), and that the Everill Cup be deleted from the programme. The Seven – Mile Championship was run on 5th December 1953 and it was suggested that Counties should organise Boys Cross – Country Championships in 1953 – 54 with a view to holding a Boys Championship in 1954 – 55.

75th AGM 1954

Mr S A Wright, West Bromwich H was elected President. Mr J Peace entered his 25th year as Honorary Secretary to the Association. ( Jim Peace was one of the most respected men in the Association; a first – class secretary, he led the Association by example and gathered round him a very keen and capable body of officials. The Minutes of Finance, Delegates, AGM's, English and International Committee meetings are all recorded and are a pleasure to review)
A donation of £10 was voted to the Bert Bashford Testimonial Fund, as Bert was leaving his Midlands Sports Agency to take over a Post Office and Store in Cornwall.

International Race at Birmingham

The International Cross – Country Championships staged at Bromford Bridge Racecourse on Saturday 27th March 1954, was the most important event ever staged in Birmingham. The Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Alderman G H W Griffith, was elected President of the local committee. At an inaugural meeting held on 23rd June 1953 the following appointments were made
Chairman.................................................E Kendell
Honorary Secretary......................................F Hurdley
Chairman.................................................W E Patrick
Honorary Secretary......................................G McKeown
Chairman..................................................C G Austin
Honorary Secretary......................................B Bashford
Chairman..................................................H Haywood
Honorary Secretary......................................C Whitehead

An Appeal Fund was opened and, with donations of £100 each from J Lucas Limited, Austin Motors and Cadburys, the total reached £1,227.
A very large crowd saw A Mimoun of France win, with England taking the team prize.
After the race a Dinner and Reception was held at the Grand Hotel, Birmingham, with teams and officials and guests totalling 300 gathering under the Presidency of Mr A G Cannon of Lozells H.
Teams were taken to Stratford – on – Avon on the Friday afternoon, and there was a reception by Ald. G H W Griffith in the Birmingham Council House that evening.
The Midlands received many congratulates upon the excellent arrangements made from the Championships, and the profit for the event was £618.

76th AGM 1955

As the Association's cash balance was £766 4s 0d, some members were of the opinion that clubs should not pay subscriptions for the 1955-56 season. However this opinion was not shared by the majority at the meeting.
Mr F Bell-Scott, who was responsible for the International Cross - Country Race Appeal, was elected Honorary Vice-President, in recognition of his efforts.
Birmingham City Police AC were elected to the Association.

Television Coverage

At this time, the offer made by the BBC of a two year exclusive rights contract for £42 for the Senior Championships, was accepted.

Championships at Warwick 1956

The English Championships were held at Warwick Racecourse on 31st March 1956, with Coventry Godiva H and Leamington CAC joining forces to act as organisers. With H Lapworth as local Honorary Secretary, supported by T Clifford, S Ashby, F Allcote, J H Dale, C Jones and many others, a very successful day resulted, including a profit of £400. J R Parker of Westbury H was the winner of the Youths Championship.
Harry Lapworth was presented with a special plaque, the Association's appreciation for his work.

78th AGM 1957

The news of a death of a long serving member, Mr F Smith, was received with regret. The Association received a legacy of £100 from Mr Smith, and it was agreed to perpetuate his memory with a Silver Cup to be awarded to the Individual winner of the Senior Championships. A President's Chain of Office, to which the President's Medal (presented by Mr S Hill) could be attached, was
Also obtained, and S A Wright duly became the first President to receive this Chain of Office.
Hereford AAA, Pontrilas AC, King Edward V11 School, Melton Mowbray and Henry Wiggin were elected to the Association.
It was reported that, at the AGM of the ECCU held in Birmingham, G L Dunn of the Eastern Counties had been appointed Honorary Secretary, with E F Hurdley Honorary Treasurer.

79th AGM 1958

Mr T Hunt of Derby County AC was elected President at this meeting.
The Honorary Treasurer had to report a loss on the season's workings of £26 12s 7d, owing to the loss of the BBC's contract for the Senior Championships, also the heavy expenses of delegates attending the ECCU meeting and the cost of the Triangular Match.
Derby County AC were congratulated on winning the Senior Championships for the first time since 1910 (they retained the title in 1959, 1960, 1961,1962). Basil Heatley was the individual winner.
A profit of £45 was the result of the draw in connection with the Senior Championships, and all clubs were thanked for their support.
Leicester YMCA, Nottingham City AC and Shrewsbury AC were elected to the Association.

80th AGM 1959

Mr A D Mann of Birchfield H was elected Honorary Treasurer to replace Derek Taylor who had taken a position at Sheffield.
Assets of the Association were £745 13s 8d, with the Challenge Trophy and President's Chain of Office being insured to the value of £375.
At this time, it was agreed to increase event entry fees.

RAF v UAU v Midlands

In this annual match, Basil Heatley was the individual winner for the fourth successive year at Nottingham on 12th December 1960.

National Championships at West Bromwich

The English Cross-Cross Country Championships were staged at Dartmouth Park, West Bromwich on 12th March 1960, with West Bromwich H being one of the smallest clubs ever to organise the event. Every Chairman and Honorary Secretary of the local committees were local nominations. The News of the World resumed sponsorship and West Bromwich Council gave its full support.
The clerks of the course, J Wright and T Wright, provided all the metal stakes and rope required at no cost to the committee, and they produced and erected a prefabricated bridge.
Assistance was given by the local Education, Works, Parks and Transport Departments, and the local Fire Service transported thousands of gallons of hot water from Swan Village Gas Works for washing. Boy Scouts were responsible for filling and emptying the washing baths, which were borrowed from Birmingham Corporation. All the services were given free.
Every programme was sold by 3-15 pm on the day, and the Senior Race provided Basil Heatley with the first of his three victories in the event. Derby and County AC were the winners of the team event. Overall profit for the day was £700.
At the prize distribution, S A Wright of West Bromwich H was presented with a gold wrist watch by members of the local committee.

82nd AGM 1961

The first Life Vice-Presidents of the Association were elected, and a Silver Plaque presented to each person; J Ashby, Coventry Godiva, B Bashford, C Manderville, Kettering Town AC, F A Peace, Harborne H, W E Patrick, Tipton H, J E Sandbrook, Staffs AAA.
The Association donated £10 towards the cost of a trophy to be purchased to commemorate the memory of Ft. Lt. 'Monty' Mountford, who was responsible for the inclusion of the RAF in the Triangular Match, the trophy being awarded to the winners.
The AAA Supporters Association donated £35 to the MCCCA at this time.
Derby and County AC had won all the Midland Cross - Country Championships and also the National. R Fowler of North Staffs and Stone was the individual winner of the Midland Senior Championships. Basil Heatley was the winner of the National Championships at Parliament Hill Field, London, and also won the International Cross – Country Championships held in France. Roath H, Notts County Boys Club, Solihull AC and Shropshire AC were elected to the Association.

83rd AGM 1962

Mr C Angrove of Leicestershire and Rutland AAA was elected President, and Mr A G Cannon was nominated as Life Vice – President of the AAA. The passing of Mr C Wright and Mr G Austin was noted with regret.
Applications had been received to stage the 1964 National Championships from Harborne H and Leicestershire and Rutland AA, and for the first time it was agreed by vote, to stage the event at Western Park, Leicester.

UAU v RAF v Midlands

This event took place at Keele University, and Mrs Mountford was invited to present the Mountford Trophy to the winning team.

84th AGM 1963

The President congratulated teams and individuals of the Association who had set up a record by winning seven of the nine individual and seven of the nine team awards in the National Championships held at Cambridge. The results were:
Senior Individual
1 – B Heatley, Coventry Godiva H
2 – H R T Fowler, North Staffs & Stone AC
3 – E F Strong, Bristol

Senior Team
1 – Coventry Godiva H
3 – Derby and County AC

Junior Individual
1 – J Farrington, Cheltenham and County H
2 – W Adcocks, Coventry Godiva H
3 – J Hammond, Coventry Godiva H

Junior Team
1 – Coventry Godiva H
2 – Birchfield H
3 – Derby and County AC

Youth Individual
3 – T O'Reilly, Small Heath H

Youth Team
2 – Worcester H
3 – Coventry Godiva H

Roy Fowler of North Staffs and Stone H was the winner of the International Championships at San Sebastian.
The Livingstone Trophy would be presented to the first Midland Club to finish in the National Championships.

National Championships, Leicester 1964

This event proved to be a great success. G C White and C Angrove acted as Joint Honorary Secretaries and E Boot as Chairman, with the full support of the members of Leicestershire and Rutland AAA.
The News of the World once again sponsored the event, and a fine afternoon's racing raised a profit of £895.
The Midlands Association received a cheque of over £200 as their share in the promotion, to be divided 50/50 with Leicestershire and Rutland AAA.

85th AGM 1964

Tributes were paid to the memory of A G Cannon, C A Fletcher, L Morrison – Wells and W H Thursfield, and Lozells H donated a trophy to the ECCU in memory of Alf Cannon.
J McKenna was presented with an illuminated Address to mark his years as Team Manager of the Association, and E L Hardy was elected in his place.
J Peace was elected a Life Member of the MCAAA. A trophy named in his honour, subscribed by members of the Association, was to be presented to the winner of the annual Youth Championships.

86th AGM 1965

Mr J Hartley was elected President for a two – year period, and it was suggested that, in future, Presidents should be chosen from the Vice – President list on a basis of seniority.
It was at this time that the District Race was dropped, as the North and South were unwilling to compete that season.

87th AGM 1966

Mr C Angrove, in his President's Review, gave the most comprehensive report (six pages long), ever delivered on the season's activities.
Mr G Thompson of Kettering Town H and Mr C Harris of Birchfield H were elected Life Vice – Presidents of the Association, whose assets were then £993, with trophies to the value of £790. The AAA for the first time made a grant of £50 to the MCAAA for administration expenses.
Small Heath H offered to present a cup for the winner of the Junior Championships.
It was agreed that club subscriptions to the Association be increased to £2-2s-0d.

88th AGM 1967

It had been with deep shock that the Association learned that Mr J Peace had died, and many tributes were paid to him; also to Mr J Ashby of Coventry Godiva H.
Mr J Hartley was the Association's nomination for the English Presidency; Mr F Davis was elected Honorary Secretary, Mr D Denton was elected Assistant Honorary Secretary and Mr G E Boot Team Manager.
Coventry Godiva H donated £25 towards the expenses for the promotion of the Seven - Mile Race and Youths Race, to be held at Coventry in December 1967.

Foot and Mouth Disease

Owing to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in the Midlands, all clubs were instructed that members should not run over farm lands. This situation caused the transfer of the Senior Championships, due to be held at Derby, to Trentham Gardens in Stoke – on – Trent.

National Championships 1968

These championships were held at Sutton Park on 2nd March 1968, and from the earliest days of planning all members of the local committees were determined that the event would be successful out of their respect for Jim F Davis was Championship Secretary and Mr T Mann Financial Secretary, Mr A Tomkins was Chairman of Publicity and Mr S Wright Ground Committee Chairman.
The Midlands again did well in the Championships, with Coventry Godiva H winning the Senior Race; North Staffs and Stone AC were third, and also provided the third placed individual in R Fowler. I Stewart of Birchfield H won the Junior Championships, with Birchfield H third in the team event.
At the end of the day the organisers were all happy in the knowledge that "Jim would have been satisfied".

89th AGM 1968

Mr F Cull of Warley AC was elected President, following the death of Mr J Hartley who had died suddenly on 18th July 1968 while on holiday.
After one year as Assistant Honorary Secretary, Mr D Denton, an active athlete and manager of Hadley Stadium, was appointed Honorary Secretary.
The MCAAA had invited the President and Honorary Secretary to sit on their Executive Committee, to effect greater liaison between the two Associations.
Mr P Holden, Town Clerk of Sutton Coldfield and Mr A Jackson, Chairman of Leicester Parks Department, were elected Honorary Vice-Presidents in appreciation of their assistance when the National Championships were staged at Leicester and Sutton Coldfield.
Mr A D Mann agreed to continue as Honorary Treasurer.

90th AGM 1969

It was announced at this meeting that Mr F E Hurdley, former ECCU and Midland Treasurer had died.
It was reported that the Everill Cup Race Handicap attracted 153 entries.
Tipton H had achieved their greatest success in winning the National Cross – Country Championships at Parliament Fields.
St Pauls College, Cheltenham and Malvern College were elected to the Association.

91st AGM 1970

Mr G White of Leicestershire and Rutland AAA was elected President, and Mr A Price of the Birmingham Police AC accepted the position of Honorary Treasurer.
It was agreed that affiliation fees be increased:
£3 for clubs or association (three votes)
£2 for clubs or association (no votes)
£1 for schools or youth clubs (no votes)
M Tagg of Derby and County AC won the International Cross – Country Championship.

92nd AGM 1971

The Association decided to register strong disapproval to the International Athletes Club who were staging a television sponsored race at the Crystal Palace two weeks before the Association's Inter- Area race was due to be run.
The President, Mr G White, did not wish his name to go forward for the position of National President, and nominated Mr F Cull in his place.
A 'Minors Club' trophy was presented by Michelin AC to the CCCU to be 'awarded' to the first club not to have finished in the top 30 over the previous five years.
Congratulations were offered to D Black of Small Heath H who had won the Midlands, Inter-Counties and National Youth titles. Tipton H were second in the Senior National Championships and Birmingham Universities were winners of the Junior Championship, with Coventry Godiva H third. In the National Youth Championship, Westbury were second with Coventry Godiva H third in the team race.

National Championships 1972 at Sutton Coldfield

The sub title for this Championship could well be 'Triumph over Adversity', for anyone who officiated or competed at this event will well remember the rain, rain and more rain that threatened to drown all. To be able to claim "I was at Sutton in 1972" must label one as either a tried and tested cross-country fan or someone who should be taken away and locked up for his own safe-keeping!.
Those who gathered in all innocence to arrange that event were led by Mr F Cull as Chairman, Mr D Denton Championship Honorary Secretary, Mr A Mann Financial Secretary, Mr G White Chairman of the Ground Committee and K Rickhuss Clerk of the Course, with the assistance of members of Tipton H and others.
Tribute must be made to all those who struggled to erect tents, etc, on the day prior to the Championships; to those responsible judges, timekeepers and recorders who managed to produce a result; to the competitors who had to battle through the storm; and to all those, led by Frank Cull, who turned up on the next day to clear the course.
Tipton H won the Senior Championship and the City of Stoke AC third; A Rushmer of Tipton H was third individual. D Black of Small Heath H won the Junior Championship, with R Smedley of Birmingham University second; in fact Birmingham University were second in the Junior Team Race, with Coventry Godiva H third. City of Stoke AC were second in the Youths Race.
Well done one and all!

93rd AGM 1972

Mr H Lapworth of Coventry Godiva H was elected President, and the retiring President, Mr G G White thanked all members for their support during his term of office, and in particular to all who assisted in the National at Sutton.
Mr J Sandbrook, a founder member of the Staffordshire AAA and a life long supporter of athletics, had passed away.
It was agreed to accept individual entries in all Championships, the fee to be 25p per entry. Clubs could enter a team and individuals.

94th AGM 1973

\tributes were paid to Mr W W Wallsgrove (a past President), Mr G Gould and Mr H Jones who had all died, after serving the Association for many years.
After 94year the Association had cash assets and investments to the value of £1,011 48p, also medals valued at £189 40p in stock.
The meeting was informed by the President that the Coventry Evening Telegraph had donated £50 towards the expenses of the General Championships to be held at Coventry.
Mr J McKenna, a Past President and Team Manager for many years, had passed away on 4th December 1973. Jack, a member of Small Heath H, was one of the most popular and respected members of the Association.
Tipton H were third in the National at Parliament Hill Field, and R Clark was the second individual. Loughborough College were the winners of the Junior and B Moss of Notts AC was second in the Youths.

95th AGM 1974

Mr F Davies of Harborne H was elected President. The meeting stood in silence in memory of Mr C Ewins, a long serving auditor of the Association.
Mr T Clifford was presented with a Life Vice-Presidents plaque to record his long service to Leamington AC and the Midland Association.
The distances of the Midland Championship races were altered to two miles, four miles, six miles and eight miles to fall in line with the National distances.
The first 4x4 mile cross-country relay was staged at Abbey Stadium, Redditch, on Saturday 8th November 1975, when 43 teams competed. Birchfield H were the winners and the fastest lap was recorded by I Stewart of Birchfield H (19.46).
Mr N Cooper of Leicester presented a Cup to be held by the winning team in the Boys Championships.
Members of the Association did well in the National Championships held at Sheffield. Derby and County AC won the Senior Championships, with D Black gaining his first individual title in the Senior Champioships.
City of Stoke AC won the Junior event, with Birmingham University second, M Kearns was third individual. Bristol AC were winners of the Youths race with R Callan of Leicester Corinth second individual.

96th AGM 1975

Mr A Churchill, a Past President, had passed away.
It was agreed to offer a Life Vice-Presidency of the Association to Mr E Boyfield of Kettering Town H for his valuable service to the dport over many years.
I Stewart of Birchfield H was congratulated upon winning the International Cross - Country race. Mr H Lapworth was congratulated upon being elected President of the ECCU.
The Wolverhampton Building Society had promised £150 towards the expenses of the General Championships to be held at Wolverhampton. The Honorary Treasurers accounts showed a working profit of £157.41. This included a donation of £100 from the ECCU as part of the sponsorship from the Provincial Insurance Company.
The National Cross – Country Championships returned to Leicester on the 13th March 1976, with the local committee headed by Mr C Angrove MBE, as President and Mr J Hollingsworth as Championship Honorary Secretary.
Once again the arrangements were first class, and in the Senior event, D Moorcroft of Coventry Godiva H was second. Birmingham University were second in the Junior, with Leicester Corintian second in the Youths race. A profit of £692.40 was the result.

97th AGM 1976

Mr W A Evans of West Bromwich H was elected President after a lifetime in athletics, and Mr J Skidmore Assistant Honorary Secretary. Mr T Haines was elected a Life Vice-President.

Centenary 1979

A small committee was formed to consider the programme for the Centenary of the Association.

National Championship 1977

Birmingham University were the winners of the Junior race at Luton, with P Kenney of Leicester Corinthian second individual. Westbury H were third in the Youths race.

98th AGM 1977

Mr J Severn of Tipton H was elected Honorary Treasurer and a letter of thanks sent to Mr A Price for his services. Mr B Heatley was elected Team Manager and Mr E Boot thanked for all his previous work.
A trophy from Westbury H was accepted, it being called the 'Roy Fox Trophy'. It was to be awarded to the aggregate Team Winners.
On 23rd October the Association suffered the loss of Mr H Lapworth, a Past President.

Loss of Derby & County AC

The ECCU informed the Midlands Association that the whole of Derbyshire was to be included in the Northern Counties Cross – Country Association jurisdiction. This meant the loss of Derby & County AC from the Midlands, one of the strongest teams in the Association that had supplied many first-class officials.

National Championships 1978

Birmingham University were winners of the Junior race in the National held at Parliament Field Hill, and Birchfield H were winners of the Youths race with Leicester Corinthian in third place. A Wilton of Staffs and Moorland AC was third individual.

99th AGM 1978

Mr K Dare of Small Heath H was elected President. He had been a representative on the Midland Counties AAA Executive Committee for many years and also acted as Honorary Secretary to Small Heath H.
Mr D Denton had accepted a position in Melton Mowbray and therefore had to resign his position of Honorary Secretary. David was presented with a pair of binoculars, with his wife, Jenny, receiving a cut glass rose bowl, a small 'Thank You' for the excellent service they had both rendered to the Association.
Mr J Skidmore became Honorary Secretary.
It was agreed that the following rota be adopted for nominations for ECCU Vice-Presidents: Year 1 – Past President and President; Year 2 - President and President Elect.

Centenary Year

It was agreed that £300 be earmarked for use by the Centenary Sub-Committee.
The popularity of the Area Cross – Country Relay was proved with 56 teams finishing the race, once again staged at Redditch.
The Association investments stood at £2100, the net assets of the Association being £2408.95.
Tipton H recorded their third consecutive win in the Senior Championships, also winning the Youths and Junior Championships.
In the National Championships held at Leeds, Tipton H were second, and in the Senior Birmingham University were winners with Tipton H second and Leicester Corinthian third in the Junior. Birchfield H were winners of the Youths race with Tipton H second.
The Midlands were the winners of the Inter- Area race held at Crystal Palace on 11th December 1977.

Centenary Arrangements

The Centenary arrangements were to include a dinner and dance at the Gala Suite, West Bromwich, on Friday 5th October 1979, followed on the next day by a 'Centenary Run', all participants to receive a 'Centenary Run Certificate'.
The Everill Cup Handicap would follow, and also age group races for boys and youths.
Mr E Powner of Staffs AAA and Mr R Reid of Birchfield H were elected Life Vice-Presidents. Both had rendered many years of service to athletics, in particular cross – country running.

100th AGM 1979

This was held at Walsall on 18th June 1979, with, as previously, Mr K Dare,
President and Mr J Skidmore, Honorary Secretary. Mr Skidmore reported , with
regret, the death of Mr F Allcoat, a member of Coventry Godiva H, who was
Killed in a collision whilst surveying the Marathon Championship course.
The net assets of the Association were £2602.22.
Mr G G White was nominated for the position of President of the English Cross
Country Union.
The Centenary sub-committee presented their report to the meeting.
Mr S A Wright, West Bromwich H, was the only member present who had also
Attended the 50th AGM in 1929.

In conclusion

Through these pages we have been able to trace the Association's long history,
Highlighting those events and dedicated personalities that have been the creative
force in its development.
We can now proudly look ahead to the years that will lead to the Association's
Bi-Centennial celebrations, a tantalising thought. However that will be another

Past Presidents

1884 – 1886 H W Jope..............................Birchfield Harriers
1886 – 1889 F J Gray................................Birchfield Harriers
1889 – 1890 J Lane..................................Birchfield Harriers
1890 – 1891 C F Hill.................................Burton Athletic Club
1891 – 1892 J Hunt..................................Birchfield Harriers
1892 – 1893 R Hewitt................................Edgbaston Harriers
1893 – 1894 S Hulland...............................Redditch Harriers
1894 – 1895 Pickering Phipps.......................Northampton & CAAC
1895 – 1896 J Porteous...............................Northampton & CAAC
1896 – 1897 S Anstey................................Worcester H
1897 – 1898 W H Pitt.................................Edgbaston Harriers
1898 – 1899 W H Wallace............................Walsall Harriers
1899 – 1900 F K Ward.................................Leicester Athletic & CC
1900 – 1901 A Mabbett................................Birchfield Harriers
1901 – 1902 C H Mallabond..........................Small Heath Harriers
1902 – 1903 A J Eggleston...........................Derby & County C & AC
1903 – 1904 W W Alexander........................Birchfield Harriers
1904 – 1906 A J Eggleston ...........................Derby & County C & AC
1906 – 1910 A J Eggleston JP........................Derby & County C & AC
1910 – 1913 E B Reynish..............................North Staffs Harriers
1913 – 1922 A E Machin..............................Sparkhill Harriers
1922 – 1925 Dennis Lyons............................Birchfield Harriers
1925 – 1926 J Carson...................................Derby & County C & AC
1926 – 1929 J Taylor....................................BTH(Rugby) Harriers
1929 – 1932 J McKenna................................Small Heath Harriers
1932 – 1935 W H Wallsgrove.........................Leamington C & AC
1935 – 1938 H S Shacklock OBE.....................Sutton – in – Ashfield HC
1938 – 1941 F Smith.....................................Derby & County AC
1941 – 1944 A R Churchill.............................Harborne Harriers
1944 – 1947 A G Cannon...............................Lozells Harriers
1947 – 1950 H P T Phipps..............................Rugby (BTH) AC
1950 – 1954 C G Austin.................................Birchfield Harriers
1954 - 1958 S A Wright.................................West Bromwich Harriers
1958 – 1962 T Hunt......................................Derby & County AC
1962 – 1966 C Angove..................................AEI (Rugby) & Leicester & Rutland AAA
1966 – 1968 J Hartley....................................Coventry Godiva H
1968 – 1970 F Cull.......................................Warley AC
1970 – 1972 G White.....................................Leics & Rutland AAA
1972 – 1974 H Lapworth.................................Coventry Godiva H
1974 – 1976 F Davis......................................Harborne H
1976 – 1978 W A Evans.................................West Bromwich Harriers
1978 – 1979 K Dare......................................Small Heath H

Midland Honorary Secretaries

1879 – 1888 H M Oliver.................................Spartan H
1888 – 1898 W W Alexander............................Birchfield H
1898 – 1901 S Hulland....................................Redditch H
1901 – 1925 J Taylor......................................BTH Rugby
1925 – 1928 E Bricknell..................................Coventry Godiva H
1928 – 1930 B Bashford..................................Small Heath H
1930 – 1967 J Peace.......................................Harborne H
1967 – 1968 F Davies.....................................Harborne H
1968 – 1978 D Denton....................................Warley AC
1978 – 1979 J Skidmore..................................Dudley & Stourbridge AC

Midland Honorary Treasurers

1879 – H M Oliver.........................................Spartan AC
1888 – W W Alexander...................................Birchfield H
1895 – J R Chetwynd
1906 – A E Machin........................................Sparkhill H
1913 – C H Mallabond....................................Small Heath H
1925 – A G Cannon........................................Lozells H
1944 – F A Peace...........................................Harborne H
1947 – A G Cannon........................................Lozells H
1948 – F E Hurdley........................................Harborne H
1953 – D J Taylor..........................................Birchfield H
1959 – A D Mann..........................................Birchfield H
1967 – T Hunt...............................................Derby & County AC
1969 – J Algar...............................................Smethwick H
1970 – A Price..............................................City of B'ham Police
1977 – J Severn.............................................Tipton H

English Cross – Country Union
Midland Officials

1893 – W Alexander, Birchfield H
1896 – J Porteous, Northants & County AC
1898 – H J Pitt, Worcester H
1901 – A Mabbett, Birchfield H
1904 – A J Eggleston, Derby & County A & CC
1907 – A J Eggleston, Derby & County A & CC
1910 – A J Eggleston, Derby & County A & CC
1913 – E B Reynish, North Staffs H
1922 – A E Machin, Sparkhill H
1925 – D Lyons, Birchfield H
1928 – J Taylor, MCACCA
1931 – J McKenna, Small Heath H
1934 - W H Wallsgrove, Leamington C & AC
1937 – H S Shacklock OBE, Sutton – in – Ashfield A & CC
1940 – F Smith, Derby & County AC
1943 – A R Churchill, Harborne H
1946 – A G Cannon, Lozells H
1949 – H P T Phipps, BTH(Rugby) RC & AC
1952 – C G Austin, Birchfield H
1956 – S A Wright, West Brom H
1960 – T Hunt, Derby & County AC
1964 – C Angove, AEI(Rugby) RC
1968 – J Hartley, Coventry Godiva H
1972 – F Cull, Warley AC
1976 – H Lapworth, Coventry Godiva H

Past Secretaries

1884 – H M Oliver, Moseley H
1887 – R Hewitt, Edgbaston H
1890 – W W Alexander, Birchfield H
1893 – G H Alexander, MCACCA
1896 – W W Alexander, Birchfield H
1898 – J Porteous, Northampton & County AAC
1901 – F R Ward, Leicester AC
1904 – J Taylor, Walsall H
1907 – J Taylor, Walsall H
1910 – J Taylor, Walsall H
C H Mallabond (acting), Small Heath H
1913 – J Taylor, Thomson Houston AC

Past Treasurers

1901 – C H Mallabond, Smethwick H
1903 – C H Mallabond, Smethwick H
1906 – C H Mallabond, Smethwick H
1912 – C H Mallabond, Smethwick H
1921 – C H Mallabond, Smethwick H
1938 – J Taylor, BTH (Rugby) RC
1942 – J Taylor, BTH (Rugby) RC
1943 – H P T Phipps, BTH (Rugby) RC
1952 – H P T Phipps, BTH (Rugby) RC
1953 – S T Ashby, Coventry Godiva H
1957 – F E Hurdley, Harborne H
1959 – F E Hurdley, Harborne H

Past Championship Secretaries

1922 – J Taylor MCACCA
1925 – J Taylor, MCACCA
1928 – E Bricknell, MCACCA
1931 – C Manderville, MCACCA
1934 – J Peace, MCACCA
1937 – J Peace, MCACCA
1946 – W H Meats, MCACCA
1949 – J Peace, MCACCA
1952 – J Peace, MCACCA
1956 – H B Lapworth, MCACCA
1960 – J Peace, MCACCA
1964 – C Angove & G G White, MCACCA
1968 – F Davies, MCACCA
1972 – D R Denton, MCACCA
1976 – J Hollingworth, MCACCA

Records of Previous Races
Winners of Midland Senior Championships

Date & Place Winning Team Individual Winner

1879 – Perry Barr Moseley H W G George, Moseley H
1880 – Moseley Birchfield J Law, Birchfield H
1881 – Sutton Moseley H H Davis, Harborne H
1882 – Four Oaks Birchfield H W G George, Moseley H
1883 – Four Oaks Birchfield H T Lawrence, Birchfield H
1884 – Four Oaks Birchfield H W G George, Moseley H
1885 – Leicester Birchfield H T Thornton, Birchfield H
1886 – Long Eaton Birchfield H W Snook, Birchfield
1887 – Burton Birchfield H A Houlding, Burton H
1888 – There was no race this year
1889 – Wolverhampton Birchfield H Dunkley, Coventry Godiva
1890 – Wolverhampton Birchfield R Jeff, Worcester H
1891 – Redditch Birchfield H C W Davis, Birchfield H
1892 – Northampton Birchfield H H Dunkley, Coventry Godiva
1893 – 1895 – No Senior Championships
1896 – Worcester Birchfield H S J Robinson, Northants & Co.
1897 – Northampton Birchfield H S J Robinson, Northants & Co.
1898 – Kettering Birchfield H S J Robinson, Northants & Co.
1899 – Smethwick Birchfield H A H Meacham, Birchfield H
1900 – Halesowen Birchfield H S J Robinson, Nortants & Co
1901 – Wolverhampton Birchfield H W H Day, Derby & County AC
1902 – Derby Birchfield H W H Day, Derby & County AC
1903 – Leicester Birchfield H G Smith, Derby & County AC
1904 – Walsall Birchfield H A H Meacham, Birchfield H
1905 – Cheltenham Birchfield H W J Dunkley, Alpine H
1906 – Coventry Birchfield H W J Dunkley, Alpine H
1907 – Northampton Birchfield H W J Dunkley, Alpine H
1908 – Derby Birchfield H W Coales, Thrapston AC
1909 – Uttoxeter Birchfield H W Coales, Thrapston AC
1910 – Coventry Derby & Co AC F N Hibbins, Thrapston AC
1911 – Thrapston North Staffs H F N Hibbins, Thrapston AC
1912 – Colwall Thrapston AC F N Hibbins, Thrapston AC
1913 – Derby Birchfield H H D Baldwin, Derby & Co AC
1914 – Thrapston North Staffs H A E Sanderson, Sparkhill H
1915 to 1919 Years of the Great War
1920 – Longbridge Birchfield H C E Blewitt, Birchfield H
1921 – Derby Birchfield H H Britton, Derby & County AC
1922 – Stoke-on-Trent Birchfield H W Freeman, Birchfield H
1923 – Coventry Birchfield H W Freeman, Birchfield H
1924 – Newport Birchfield H A H Rodway, Birchfield H
1925 – Arley nr NuneatonBirchfield H D J P Richards, Newport H
1926 – Coventry Birchfield H A T Price, Humber H
1927 – Birmingham Birchfield H A T Price, Humber H
1928 – Cwmbran Birchfield H H W Townsend, Westbury H
1929 – Kettering Birchfield H J E Webster, Birchfield H
1930 – Stockingford Birchfield H J E Webster, Birchfield H
1931 – Stoke-0n-Trent Birchfield H J W Winfield, Derby & County
1932 – Arley Birchfield H J T Holden, Tipton H
1933 – Leicester Birchfield H J T Holden, Tipton H
1934 – Kettering Birchfield H J T Holden, Tipton H
1935 – Wolverhampton Birchfield H D A Currie, Birchfield H
1936 – Sutton-in-AshfieldBirchfield H J T Holden, Tipton H
1937 – Sutton-in-AshfieldBirchfield H J T Holden, Tipton H
1938 – Rugby Birchfield H J T Holden, Tipton H
1939 – Kettering Birchfield H J T Holden, Tipton H
1939 – 1945 No competitions (War Years)
1946 – Bromsgrove Birchfield H J T Holden, Tipton H
1947 – Halesowen Birchfield H R Reid, Birchfield H
1948 – Great Barr Birchfield H R Reid, Birchfield H
1949 – Great Barr Tipton H J A R Carrick, Small Heath
1950 – Great Barr Birchfield H R Reid, Birchfield H
1951 – Stratford-on-AvonSmall Heath H C W Gray, Small Heath H
1952 – Shipston-on-Stour,Birchfield H E L Hardy, Derby & County
1953 – Sutton Coldfield Birchfield H C M Gray, Small Heath H
1954 – Great Barr Birchfield H C M Gray, Small Heath H
1955 – Rugby Birchfield H E L Hardy, Derby & County
1956 – Derby Birchfield H E L Hardy, Derby & County
1957 – Woodgate Small Heath H B Heatley, Coventry Godiva
1958 – Leicester Derby & County B Heatley, Coventry Godiva
1959 – Halesowen Derby & County B Heatley, Coventry Godiva
1960 – Worcester Derby & County B Heatley, Coventry Godiva
1961 – Trentham Derby & County R Fowler, North Staffs
1962 – Melton Mowbray Derby & County F Strong, Bristol AC
1963 – Bedworth Coventry Godiva M Bullivant, Derby & Co.
1964 – Derby Coventry Godiva B Heatley, Coventry Godiva
1965 – Rugby North Staffs & Stone D Keily, Derby & County
1966 – Leicester North Staffs & Stone J Hammond, Coventry
1967 – Gloucester North Staffs & Stone R Taylor, Coventry Godiva
1968 – Trentham North Staffs & Stone R Fowler, North Staffs
1969 – Nottingham LCA Tech R Clark, Bristol AC
1970 – Melton Mowbray Tipton H R Grove, Leicester
1971 – Bristol Tipton H R Clark, Bristol AC
1972 – Kettering Tipton H A Rushmer, Tipton H
1973 – Great Barr Tipton H D Black, Small Heath H
1974 – Coventry Tipton H D Lem, Birchfield H
1975 – Redditch City of Stoke AC D Lem, Leicester
1976 – Wolverhampton Tipton H N Gates, Bristol AC
1977 – Nottingham Tipton H N Gates, Bristol AC
1978 – Great Barr Tipton H D Black, Small Heath H
1979 – Coventry Tipton H D Black, Small Heath H

Winners of Midland Junior Championships
(No Age Qualification)
Prior to this Association's Junior Championship two other Championships were promoted by the Midland Junior Cross – Country Association. Both these were won by A Mabbett, of Moseley Hare and Hounds.
Date and Place Winning Team Individual Winner

1892 – Northampton Derby St John's H B Ravenscroft, Small Heath
1893 – Redditch Small Heath H G Boland, Small Heath H
1894 – Walsall Northants & Co AAC H Bamford, Small Heath H
1895 – Derby Crewe H F Vickers, Crewe H
1896 – Northampton Northants & Co AAC S J Robinson, Northants
1897 – Minworth Derby & County AAC W Stokes, Worcester City AC
1898 – Leicester Worcester H J Weaver, Worcester H
1899 – Shrewsbury Birchfield H T R Frost, Birchfield H
1900 – Worcester Small Heath H A J Owen, Small Heath H
1901 – Wolverhampton Edgbaston H E Bricknell, Birchfield H
1902 – Leicester Leicester C & AC W B Law, Alpine H
1903 – Wolverhampton Birchfield H G Wiggington, Kettering
1904 – Northampton Newport H A Arlblaster, Walsall Wood
1905 – Coventry Small Heath H W G Dunkley, Alpine H
1906 – Walsall Birchfield H A Underwood, Birchfield H
1907 – Derby Derby & County A Ashby, Godiva H
1908 – Newport North Staffs E V Loney, North Staffs
1909 – Coventry Small Heath H H L Hart, Sparkhill H
1910 – Burton-on-Trent Sparkhill H H D Bladwin, Derby & Co.
1911 – Birmingham Cwmbran W Baldwin, North Staffs H
1912 – Long Eaton Thrapston & District H S C Greenaway, Banbury H
1913 – Stoke Birchfield H R Stanton, Birchfield H
1913 – Sutton- in-Ashfield,Sparkhill H A E Sanderson, Sparkhill H
1915 – 1919 – Years of the Great War
1920 – Derby Birchfield H W Freeman, Birchfield H
1921 – Wolverhampton North Staffs H O G Varney, Godiva H
1922 – Leicester Birchfield H E Thomas, Newport H
1923 – Nuneaton Newport H J E Morton, Nuneaton H
1924 – Kings Norton Birchfield H A Clark, Sparkhill H
1925 – Derby Tipton H A T Price, Humber H
1926 – Nuneaton Newport H T Metcalfe, Derby & Co
1927 – Trentham Park Birchfield H S T Ashby, Godiva H
1928 – Kettering Birchfield H F Light, Birchfield H
1929 – Derby Sparkhill H J W Winfield, Derby & Co
1930 – Cwmbran Godiva H A Bourton, Birchfield H
1931 – Sutton-in-Ashfield,Birchfield H F Deakin, St Gregory's AC
1932 – Cheltenham Birchfield H W E Farley, Birchfield H
1933 – Cwmbran Godiva H H Gallivan, Pontrewydd H
1934 – Nuneaton Birchfield H K R Groves, St Gregory's
1935 – Copt Heath Birchfield H D A Currie, Birchfield H
1936 – Newport Birchfield H F Cummins, St Gregory's
1937 – Stourbridge Tipton H A Stokes, Smethwick H
1938 – Stourbridge Godiva H R V Draper, Hinckley Tech
College AC
1939 – Stoke North Staffs H C J A Emery, North Staffs
1939 – 1945 – No Competition (War Years)
1946 – Halesowen Tipton H J A R Carrick, Small Heath

1947 – Leicester Derby CAC J J Manning, Godiva H

Renamed Seven – Mile Championships
1st Time in 1948

1948 – Coventry Birchfield H A Shorrocks, Halesowen
1949 – Shirley Halesowen A & CC I G Hawkins, Westbury H
1950 – Walmley Birchfield H E L Hardy, Derby C & AC
1951 – Nottingham Small Heath H C W Gray, Small Heath H
1952 – Kettering Westbury H F Crooks, Sutton-in- Ashfie
1953 – Wolverhampton (Feb)Coventry Godiva H D Pearsall, Tipton H
1953 – Coventry (Dec) Derby & County AC A W Gale, Kettering Town
1954 – West Bromwich Coventry Godiva H A Osborne, Small Heath H
1955 – Nottingham Leicester H G Rhodes, North Staffs H
1956 – Kirby-in-Ashfield Derby & County AC M Bullivant, Derby & Co 1957 – Evesham Derby & County AC P A Wilkinson, Derby
1958 – Bromsgrove Bristol AC M Price, Bristol AC
1959 – Coventry Birchfield H P Kileen, Birchfield H
1960 – Baddesley Coventry Godiva H H R Fowler, North Staffs
1961 – Stourbridge Tipton H M Herriott, Sparkhill H
1962 – Leicester Derby & County AC A E Walker, North Staffs
1963 – Kettering Birchfield H R Grove, Holwell Works
1964 – Perry Hall Worcester H P Leake, Leicester CAT
1965 – Chipping Sodbury Bristol AC J Hammond, Coventry G
1966 – Nottingham Notts AC R Taylor, Coventry G
1967 – Coventry Birchfield H D Lem, Leicester CAT
1968 – Warley Derby & County AC K Angus, Worcester H
1969 – Gloucester Westbury AC D Francis, Westbury H
1970 – Rugby Coventry Godiva H C Kirkham, Coventry G
1971 – Derby Westbury H A Reed, Westbury H
1972 – Keele Small Heath H J King, Small Heath H
1973 – Wolverhampton Tipton H A Holden , Tipton H
1974 – Nottingham Coventry Godiva H D Moorcroft, Coventry G
1975 – Bedworth Birchfield H J Patton, Birchfield H
1976 – Great Barr Tipton H S Emson, Tipton H
1977 – Gloucester Gloucester AC R Milne, Notts AC
1978 – Brockworth Sparkhill H R Weaver, Birchfield H

Junior Championships (18 – 21 Years)

Date & Place Winning Team Individual Winner
1952 – Nottingham Coventry Godiva H R H Hatton, Birchfield H
1954 – Great Barr Coventry Godiva H B Heatley, Coventry
1955 – Rugby Coventry Godiva H B Heatley, Coventry
1956 – Derby Small Heath H A Osborne, Small Heath
1957 – Woodgate Bristol AC L B Cook, Bilston Town
1958 – Leicester Derby & County R Grove, Melton Mowbra
1959 – Halesowen Westbury H M Herriott, Sparkhill H
1960 – Worcester Derby & County AC A E Walker, North Staffs
1961 – Trentham Derby & County AC A E Walker, North Staffs
1962 – Melton Mowbray North Staffs & Stone H A E Walker, North Staffs
1963 – Bedworth Derby & County AC J Farrington, Cheltenham
1964 – Derby Coventry Godiva H J Hammond, Coventry
1965 – Rugby Coventry Godiva H R Taylor, Coventry
1966 – Leicester Derby & County AC D Rowland, W'hampton
1967 – Gloucester Coventry Godiva H A Herrity, Small Heath H
1968 – Trentham Derby & County AC I Stewart, Birchfield H
1969 – Nottingham Derby & County AC J Harvey, Warley AC
1970 – Melton Mowbray B'ham University K Rollaston, Tipton H
1971 – Bristol Small Heath H N Rose, Bristol AC
1972 – Kettering Birchfield H D Black, Small Heath H
1973 – Great Barr Coventry Godiva H F Staynings, Westbury
1974 – Coventry City of Stoke B Rutter, Westbury AC
1975 – Redditch Bristol AC R Callan, Leicester
1976 – Wolverhampton Derby & County AC N Lees, Derby & County
1977 – Nottingham B'ham University S Emson, B'ham Univ
1978 – Great Barr Tipton H P Venmore, Tipton H
1979 – Coventry Tipton H R Partridge, Birchfield H

Youths Championships (16 – 18 Years)

Date & Place Winning Team Individual Winner
1926 – Coventry Birchfield H S Willis, N'hampton
1927 – Birmingham St Gregory's AC L Smith, Derby & County
1928 – Edgbaston St Gregory,s AC L Smith, Derby & County
1929 – Edgbaston Splott YMCA W H Bricknell, Godiva H
1930 – Edgbaston Derby & County AC R D More, Derby
1931 – Edgbaston Tipton H E H Draper, Humber H
1932 – Arley Tipton H D G Davies, Leicester H
1933 – Leicester Godiva H A Stokes, Smethwick H
1934 – Kettering Birchfield H S E Allen, Birchfield H
1935 – Wolverhampton Derby & County A & CC B E Beeby, Kettering
1936 – Edgbaston Derby & County A & CC A D Thorley, Godiva H
1937 – Edgbaston Tipton H T R Williamson, Tipton
1938 – Edgbaston (Feb) Derby & County A & CC J Timmins, Tipton H
1938 – Edgbaston (Nov) Dudley H K Jones, Dudley H
1939 – 1945 No Competitions (War Years)
1945 – Leicester B.T.H (Rugby) H F J Webster, BTH(Rugby)
1946 – Cheltenham Godiva H J B G Hawkins, Westbury
1947 – Worcester Worcester H K Brettel, Halesowen AC
1948 – Arley Birchfield H T Wyver, Godiva H
1949 – Wordsley Derby & County A & CC R Hatton, Birchfield H
1950 – Race not held until 24th February 1951
1951 – Stratford-on-Avon Tipton H B B Heatley, Godiva H
1952 – Shipston-on-Stour Hinckley Tech College E F Spencer, Sth Wigston
1953 – Sutton Park Godiva H R Allen, Godiva H
1954 – Great Barr Godiva H C Henderson, Tipton H
1955 – Rugby Birchfield H J Darby, Coseley H
1956 – Derby Westbury H J Parker, Westbury H
1957 – Woodgate Birchfield H A W Hodgetts,St'bridge
& Wordsley H
1958 – Leicester Birchfield H M Herriott, Sparkhill H
1959 – Halesowen Derby & County AC A E Walker, North Staff
1960 – Worcester Coventry Godiva H G A Dean, Michelin AC
1961 – Trentham Derby & County AC M Sadler, Derby & Co
1962 – Melton Mowbray Birchfield H M J Hammond, B'field
1963 – Bedworth Worcester H R Taylor, Coventry G
1964 – Derby Coventry Godiva H D Sturman, Coventry G
1965 – Rugby Coventry Godiva H J Offord, Leicester CAT
1966 – Leicester Sutton-in-Ashfield I Stewart, Birchfield H
1967 – Gloucester Warley AC A Norman, Sutton-in-
1968 – Trentham Small Heath H J King, Small Heath H
1969 – Nottingham Small Heath H S McHale, Gloucester
1970 – Melton Mowbray Small Heath H D Black, Small Heath H
1971 – Bristol Westbury AC D Black, Small Heath H
1972 – Kettering City of Stoke D Glasborrow, Coventry
1973 – Great Barr City of Stoke M A Bishop,CityofStok
1974 – Coventry Bristol AC R Callan, Leicester Cor
1975 – Redditch Westbury H J Milorsovor, Tipton H
1976 – Wolverhampton Leicester Coritanian J Milorsovor, Tipton H
1977 – Nottingham Birchfield H A Salter, Birchfield H
1978 – Great Barr Tipton H A Wilton, Staffs
1979 – Coventry Birchfield H P Hale-Davies,
Cannock AC

Winners of the Midland Boys Championships

Date & Place Winning Team Individual Winner
1974 – Coventry Leicester Coritanian AC S Kendall, Tipton H
1975 – Redditch Leicester Coritanian AC R Slater, Leicester Cor
1976 – Wolverhampton Bristol AC P Hudd, Bristol AC
1977 – Nottingham Birchfield H D Pemberton, B,field H
1978 – Great Barr Westbury H P Egerton, Staffs Moor
1979 – Coventry Wolverhampton R Herbert, N'hampton

Everill Cup Handicap
Date & Place Individual Winner
1969 – 70 Warley R Taylor, Leamington CAC
1970 – 71 Birchfield H J Hughes, Sparkhill H
1971 – 72 Birchfield H W Ewers, Solihull AC
1972 – 73 Birchfield H P Wakeman, Lozells H
1973 – 74 Walsall K Scott, Small Heath H
1974 – 75 Walsall D Ewington, Nuneaton H
1975 – 76 Birchfield H J Challener, Charnwood
1976 – 77 Birchfield H J Taylor, Dudley & Stourbridge
1977 – 78 Birchfield H C Cook, Tamworth AC
1978 – 79 Birchfield H M Edwards, Sparkhill H

Results of the Inter – Area Races

Date & Place Individual Winner Team Results
1965 –Leicester R Hull, North Midlands 45, South 58
1966 – Keele Univ R Fowler, Midlands Midlands 26, North 62
1967 – Leicester D Lem, Midlands Midlands 48, South 52,
North 84
1968 – Keele Univ M Baxter, North North 38, Midlands 41
1969 – Stafford J Alder, North North 26, Midlands 76,
South 76
1970 – Solihull A Holden, North Midlands 71, North 85,
South 104
1971 – Birmingham A Holden, UAU Midlands 60, North 61,
Scotland 107, Wales 139,
East 152
1972 – Stafford J Stewart, Scotland Scotland 39, North 60,
Midlands 110, South 123,
Wales 172
1973 – Walsall D Slater, North North 30, Midlands 67,
South 97, Wales 158
1974 – Lichfield R McDonald, Scotland Scotland 62, North 86,
South 86, Midlands 99,
Wales 148
1975 – Lichfield J Stewart, Scotland North 61, Scotland 67,
Midlands 105, Wales 152,
East 157, South 171
1976 – Crystal Palace B Ford, South North 51, Midlands 94,
Scotland 119, South 120,
East 143, Eire 192, Northern
Ireland 276, Wales 305
1977 – Crystal Palace D Black, Midlands Midlands 89, North 100,
South 125, Scotland 136
1978 – Crystal Palace G Deegan, Eire North 119, Eire 127,
Midlands 140, Scotland 140,
South 155, Wales 196,
East 203, RAF 207

Cross – Country Relay Race

Date & Place Teams & Positions
1975 – 76 – Redditch 1 – Birchfield H 2 – Tipton H 3 – Coventry Godiva
1976 – 77 – Redditch 1 – Tipton H 2 – Small Heath3 – Gloucester AC
1977 – 78 – Redditch 1 – Tipton H 2 – Small Heath 3 – Gloucester AC
1978 – 79 – Redditch 1 – W,hampton 2 – Small Heath 3 – Westbury H

Midland Universities v Midlands v RAF

Date & Place Individual Winner Team Results
1941 – Kings Norton F E Aaren, Leeds Midlands 196, Univ 272
1942 – Harborne R Reid, Birchfield H Midlands 175, Univ 329
1943 – Harborne F E Aaren, Leeds U Midlands 62, Univ 128
1944 – Bournbrook R Reid, Birchfield H Midlands 51, Univ 93
1945 – Bournbrook D Haw, Reading Midlands 83, Univ 127
1946 – Bournbrook J J Holden, Tipton H Midlands 40, Univ 96
1946 – 47 – Bournbrook D W M Haw, Leeds U Midlands 67, Univ 69
1947 – 48 – Bournbrook R V Hughes, B'ham U Midlands 62, Univ 76
1948 – 49 – Bournbrook G S Saunders, NCCCA North 69, UAU 112, Midlands 130,
1949 – 50 – Smethwick UAU 61, Midlands 75
1953 – 53 – Great Barr UAU 44, RAF 33, Midlands 22,
1953 – 54 – Bournbrook Midlands 11, UAU 99, RAF 33,
1954 – 55 – Henlow E L Hardy, Derby RAF 43, Midlands 46, UAU 82
1955 – 56 – West Brom E L Hardy, Derby RAF 74, UAU 99, Midlands 23,
1956 – 57 – Nottingham B Heatley, Midlands Midlands 46, UAU 51, RAF 76,
1957 – 58 – Cosford B Heatley, Midlands RAF 35, Midlands 71, UAU 82,
1958 – 59 – Woodgate B Heatley, Midlands Midlands 29, UAU 74, RAF 83
1958 – 60 – Nottingham B Heatley, Midlands Midlands 21, UAU 77, RAF 101,
1960 – 61 – Henlow B Heatley, Midlands Midlands 21, UAU 70, UAU 88,
1961 – 62 – Redditch R Fowler, Midlands Midlands 24, UAU 72, RAF 78,
1962 – 63 – Keele U R Leake, Midlands Midlands 21, UAU 76, RAF 96,
1963 – 64 – Gaydon R H Fowler, Midlands Midlands 23, UAU 67, RAF 95,
1964 – 65 – Leicester J Jackson, UAU Midlands 35, UAU 52, RAF 93,
1965 – 66 – Keele U J Jackson, UAU UAU 28, North 69, Midlands 108, RAF
140, East 181, 1966 – 67 – Cranwell C Perry, Midlands Midlands 28, UAU 61,
RAF 101,
1967 – 68 – Leicester F Brescoe, UAU Midlands 48, UAU 50,
RAF 75
1968 – 69 – Keele U A Holden, UAU Midlands 41, UAU 46,
RAF 107
1969 –Stafford R Fowler, Midlands Midlands 35, UAU 64,
RAF 94,
1970 – Solihull J Lane, UAU Midlands 38, UAU 62,
RAF 94
1971 – B'ham Univ K Bartlett, Midlands Midlands 32, UAU 67,
RAF 100
1972 – Stafford R Clark, RAF UAU 49, Midlands 54,
RAF 72
1973 – Walsall J Wyld, RAF RAF 40, Midlands 48,
UAU 99
1974 – Lichfield J Goater, RAF Midlands 47, RAF 47,
UAU 98
1975 – Lichfield M Kearns, UAU Midlands 35, UAU 58,
RAF 86
1976 – Crystal Palace J Wyld, RAF Midlands 66, RAF 71,
UAU 106
1977 – Walsall J Wyld, RAF Midlands 47, RAF 49,
UAU 78
1978 – Wolverhampton J Wyld, RAF Midlands 52, UAU 64,
RAF 67, National
Police 164

Midland Winners of National Cross-Country Team Title

Senior Championship
Birchfield H – 1880, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1891, 1892, 1895, 1903, 1907, 1909, 1913,
1920, 1921, 1922, 1923,1924, 1925, 1926, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934,
1936, 1937, 1953.
City of Stoke AC – 1970
Coventry Godiva H – 1963, 1968
Derby & County AC – 1960, 1961, 1962, 1974
Moseley H – 1881, 1882, 1883, 1884.
North Staffs & Stone H – 1966
Tipton – 1969, 1972, 1978

Junior Championship

Birmingham University – 1971, 1975, 1977, 1978
Bristol AC – 1957
City of Stoke AC – 1974
Coventry Godiva H – 1952, 1963, 1964
Derby & County AC – 1958, 1960, 1974
Loughborough College – 1973
North Staffs & Stone H – 1962
Tipton H – 1961
Westbury H – 1948

Youth Championship

Birchfield H – 1962, 1977, 1978, 1979
Bristol Ac – 1974
Derby & County AC – 1961
Small Heath H – 1970

Midland Winners of National Cross-Country Championships

Senior Championship
1882 – 1884 W G George, Moseley H
1885 – W Snook, Birchfield H
1886 – J E Hickman, Coventry Godiva H
1887 – J E Hickman, Coventry Godiva H
1897 – S J Robinson, Northampton CAC
1908 – A J Robinson, Birchfield H
1911 – F N Hibbins, Thrapston AC
1912 – F N Hibbins, Thrapston AC
1921 – W Freeman, Birchfield H
1923 – C E Blewitt, Birchfield H
1926 – J E Webster, Birchfield H
1928 – J E Webster, Birchfield H
1938 – J T Holden, Tipton H
1939 – J T Holden Tipton H
1946 – J T Holden, Tipton H
1960 – B Heatley, Coventry Godiva H
1961 – B Heatley, Coventry Godiva H
1963 – B Heatley, Coventry Godiva H
1967 – R Taylor, Coventry Godiva H
1974 – D Black , Small Heath H

Junior Championship

1941 – L H Huntley, Birchfield H (Special Race)
1948 – W M Atkinson, Kettering Town H
1960 – A E Walker, North Staffs
1963 – J Farrington, Cheltenham & County
1965 – R Taylor, Coventry Godiva H
1968 – I Stewart, Birchfield H
1970 – K Rollason, Tipton H
1972 – D Black, Small Heath H

Youth Championship

1946 – G Bsaunders, Derby & County AC
1956 – R Parker, Westbury H
1962 – J Simmons, Derby & County AC
1971 – D Black, Small Heath H
Midland Winners of International Cross-Country Championships

1907 – A Underwood, Birchfield H
1908 – A J Robertson, Birchfield H
1921 – W Freeman, Birchfield H
1923 – C E Blewitt, Birchfield H
1925 – J E Webster, Birchfield H
1933 – J T Holden, Tipton H
1934 - J T Holden, Tipton H
1935 – J T Holden, Tipton H
1938 – C J Emery, North Staffs H
1939 – J T Holden, Tipton H
1961 – B Heatley, Coventry Godiva H
1963 – R Fowler, North Staffs H
1970 – M Tagg, Derby & County AC
1975 – I Stewart, Birchfield H

Junior Champioship

1971 – N Rose, Bristol AC

Midland Counties Cross-Country Association

Affiliated Clubs

Apley Park School
Bath University
Berry Hill AC
Birchfield Harriers
Birmingham University
Bridgnorth AC
Bristol AC
Bromsgrove & Redditch AC
Burton AC
Cannock Chase AC
Charnwood AC
Cheltenham & County Harriers
City of Stoke AC
Clevedon AC
Corby AC
Coventry Godiva Harriers
Dudley & Stourbridge Harriers
Dursley & District AC
Droitwich AC
GEC (Whetstone) AC
Gloucester AC
Halesowen C & AC
Harborne Harriers
Hereford & County AC
Junior Leaders Regiment
King Henry V111 School
Kettering Town Harriers
Leamington C & AC
Leicester Coritanian AC
Leicester University
Loughborough Students AC
Lozells Harriers
Michelin AC
Newark AC
Newcastle (Staffs) AC
Northampton Phoenix AC
Notts AC
Nottingham University
Nuneaton Harriers
Players AC (Nottingham)
Plessey Beeston AC
Royal Sutton Coldfield AC
Ruddington & District AC
Rugby AC
Rutland AC
St Pauls College (Cheltenham)
Shrewsbury & District AC
Small Heath Harriers
Solihull AC
Sparkhill Harriers
Stafford AC
Staffordshir Moorlands AC
Stourport AC
Sutton-in-Ashfield AC
Sunlife Assurance AC
Tamworth AC
Telford AC
Tipton Harriers
Trent Polytechnic AC
University of Keele AC
Warwick University
Warley AC
Weston AC
West Bromwich Harriers
Westbury Harriers
West Midland College
West Midland Police
Wednesfield High School
Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
Worcester AC
Workshop AC
County Associations

Avon County AAA
Gloucestershire AAA
Herefordshire AAA
Leicestershire AAA
Northants AAA
Nottinghamshire AAA
Shropshire AAA
Staffordshire AAA
Warwickshire AAA
Worcestershire AAA


Birmingham & District Invitation Cross Country League
Gwent Cross Country League
North Staffs Cross Country League
North Midlands Cross Country League
West Midlands Young Athletes Cross Country League