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Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League.
RULES as from April 2011

1. That the name of the League be the Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League.

2. That the objects of the League be the promotion of combined races, allowing any numbers of runners to compete.

3. All Member Clubs MUST be affiliated to England Athletics for Cross-Country running.

4. That the management of the League be vested in a President, President Elect, Three delegates from each Club, Hon. Secretary, Hon Treasurer, also an Asst. Secretary & Treasurer, if the AGM feel that these Assistant Officers are necessary, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting each year with the Past presidents.

5. An Executive Committee shall be elected at the AGM and will consist of the following:

i) The President
ii) President Elect
iii) Immediate Past President
iv) The Hon.Secretary
v) The Hon. Treasurer
vi) The Race Secretaries
vii) The Race Referees
vii) Assistant Secretary

This Executive should be instructed to meet once a year after the close of each season to discuss relevant matters from the preceding season. Duties of this Committee shall be to make recommendations for items for discussion at the next AGM, if thought necessary. Also this Executive would have the powers of an appeals committee and as such could be asked to meet, at the discretion of the Hon. Secretary, if any problem should arise through-out the season. This committee shall have the power to co-opt members if it deems necessary. Their decision will be final.

6. That the Headquarters be a suitable venue in the Birmingham & District area, where meetings may be held.

7. Races to be confined to FIRST CLAIM TEAM MEMBERS of member Clubs. NO GUEST RUNNERS.
Athletes must have reached the age of Seventeen years by August 31st./September 1st. at the commencement of the coming Cross-Country season. The rules of the E.C.C.A., uk:athletics rules for competition and MCAA shall apply.

8. University Clubs MUST comply with Rule 5 First Claim Status (3i) in the current UK Athletics handbook.

9. Where any of the rules relating to eligibility to compete in the League are NOT adhered to, the offending individual(s) shall be disqualified for that race and their team will incur 500 penalty points. If a club is informed by the honorary secretary, race secretary or the race referee that they are CONTRAVENING the League eligibility rules then that Club will automatically be relegated to the division below at the end of the season. In the case of it being a Club in the lowest division then that club would need to re-apply to compete in the league for the next season.

10. That the League be divided into such a number as is necessary to have approximate equal competitors in all Divisions. The three Clubs finishing first, second and third place in all Divisions except the highest Division to move to the higher Division; and the three Clubs finishing at the bottom of the tables in every Division except the lowest to move into a lower Division.

  1. In the event of a club in any Division not completing a scoring team in ALL four fixtures, it shall forfeit its membership of the League. Any Club in this position would have to re-apply for membership in writing (before the next AGM). If re-admitted, it would take up its place in the lowest Division.
  2. In the event of a club in any Division excepting the lowest Division failing to complete a scoring team in one, two or three of the four races, the club will automatically finish at the bottom of that Divisional table in the final placing and would therefore be relegated to the Division below.
  3. If a club in the lowest Division fails to complete a scoring team in any of the four races, it will automatically finish at the bottom of that Division and will be required to re-apply for membership of the League, in writing (before the next AGM). If re-admitted, the club would take up a place in the lowest Division.
  4. In the case of a tie:
    i) In the result of a tie in team competition, the team who places highest in the fourth race shall be declared the winner.
    ii) In the result of a tie in individual competition an award will be given to those involved in the tie.
  5. Scoring the Junior individual race will be scored as a separate race i.e. the first Junior home shall score one point, the second home two points etc.
  6. The top three teams in each Division to receive League awards respectively; also the top three Individuals, on points, in each Division will receive League awards (scored over three races). An additional award shall be made to the athlete with the best aggregate over the four races. In addition the top Junior in each Division will receive a League award (the best of three out of four)
  7. If Clubs require extra Awards, these may be purchased through the League Secretary. However, only those athletes that have scored in one or more fixtures shall be eligible for an award, purchased or not.
  8. Providing Clubs field twelve finishers in each race there will be a 'B' competition with results printed and distributed to Clubs.
  9. Six medals will be awarded to the winning B team

11. That the distances of races be from 5 to 7 miles, races to be decided on Championship lines. All races will start at 2:30pm, unless circumstances decree otherwise, in which case Clubs will be notified.

12. Affiliation fee to be decided at the AGM (at present £65) per Club per annum. Numbers and results sheets are to be supplied by the League.

13. Any Club that fails to pay its affiliation fee by 1st July will have a £10 levy imposed and at the discretion of the Executive Committee may have their invitation to compete in the League withdrawn.

14. Each race shall be in the charge of an appointed Referee whose decision shall be FINAL. League Judges and Timekeepers for each Division shall be appointed by the AGM and will be responsible for giving and recording the official placings and times at each race. An appointed Starter will start the races.

15. The Hon. Secretary of the promoting Club shall arrange for Marshals and First Aid Cover for each race. A Disc system of scoring shall be used.
Please note: Referees have been told that they MUST cancel any fixture where there is no First Aid cover provided. This agreed at the 2001 AGM. It is the host Club that is responsible for booking First Aid and checking that St.John Ambulance / Red Cross will be in attendance. Written confirmation of First Aid cover is desirable. In case of inclement weather where the host club feels it is advisable to cancel the fixture they must notify the Hon. Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Race Secretary and Race Referee by 6 p.m. on the Friday evening prior to the race day.

16. The dates and venues of all League races shall be decided at the AGM and those Clubs submitting written application to stage a League Fixture shall be given preference when choosing venues for the coming season.

17. The Hon. Secretary of each promoting Club MUST inform all Clubs in their Division, the President, League Secretary, Race Secretary, Referee, Judges and Timekeepers as to the Venue, Travel Directions and the type and distance of the course at least FOURTEEN (14) DAYS before the race is to be run. Notification must be by post. Host Clubs will be liable to forfeit their League expenses if they fail to comply with the above instructions. To receive these expenses Clubs must furnish the Hon. Treasurer with photocopies of the invoices of costs incurred by the Club in the promotion of their League race.
Reimbursement will only be for the hire cost of facilities and for the cost of First Aid. This may be made to the full amount at the discretion of the Executive. Please take note that all promotion expenses must be with the Treasurer 28 days prior to the AGM. Failure to do this will result in the Club forfeiting its claim, and no payment will be made.

18. The Race Secretary or the Race Referee is required to write a report at the end of the season in time for the Executive Meeting.

19. CLUB COLOURS MUST BE WORN. The Referee may disqualify any athlete who does not comply with this rule.

20. Safety pins are not provided by the League for athletes’ numbers. This is the responsibility of individual Clubs to provide. The League Officials would appreciate if athletes could pin their numbers on the sides rather than top and bottom of the number. All four corners would be even better.

21. The responsibility for the up to date engraving of the Division One League Trophy is that of the holding Club. The club MUST return the League Trophy to the Divisional Race Secretary by the FINAL RACE of the season.

22. At least a month before the event host clubs must obtain a permit application form which can be downloaded from the cross country page of the Midland Counties website. This must be filled in and returned to the designated Midland cross-country permit secretary to gain a UK Athletics cross country permit for the event which must be displayed on the day.