Photographers - Help The Unsung Heroes/Heroine's (26/11/2012)

We would like to ask any photographers who may be attending at the various BDXCL league races this coming weekend to take time away before/during and after the race(s) to take some extra photographs of the various officials and helpers that stage them.

There are a number of keen photographers who regularly attend to capture the action with their big lenses and expensive cameras but there are also many more spectators and club members from the hosts who probably also have a small but equally capable camera on their mobile phone.

We normally get some great shots of the leading runners, the various teams, the stream crossings etc. However we would like to collect like images for this website and the league archive to honour those who have, often over many years, put in massive amount of time and effort to support our sport around the Midlands area.

The sort of roles/aspects/people to look out for are:-

  • Registration Desk
  • Starter
  • Timekeepers
  • Finish Funnels
  • Recorders

Do  not worry if you cannot cover all roles at the one race but try and remember each time you go to a BDXCL race and perhaps "focus" on just one of the roles listed above in addition to your normal exploits.

You can then email us any images you take of these subjects to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PS - Don't forget those marshals on the farthest part of the course who wait for the last runner to pass before bringing in any pegs/tape - but you probably won't be around then!