Results Plea (10/12/2012)

We are halfway through the season and after the first two races we would like to put out an earnest plea to everyone involved.

After each race this season so far we have a number of errors/changes drawn to the attention of race officials across all events. This is of course a "natural hazard" when one considers the logistics at play. Most recently however we have had to re-release those for Division 1 due to errors relating to the first race based on information fed back from a club.

Can all athletes and, in particular, the hard pressed Team Managers from every club please ensure that they look closely at the race results as soon as they possibly can after they have first been posted/produced. The results can often change quickly in the first few hours/days of posting as corrections are highlighted.

Can Team Managers please check for accuracy in the following aspects :-

  • Correct "numbers" & "athlete" names
  • Correct "age groups", where applicable
  • Correct "scorers" and totalling has been identified/computed
  • Make sure you have not "run" someone using anothers allocated number by mistake
  • Make sure you are not "running" in eligible runners

The production of results relies on many things - from the clear listing of athletes name and age groups against their numbers on club declaration sheets by team managers, the clear recording of just "who" finished "where" on the day by the various officials (race & club) and finally through to those that produce the overall results information. Mistakes can occur, and do, so please play your part by checking all is well with the information you supply and subsequently rely on.