Founding Clubs & Their Colours (19/12/2012)

The six clubs that founded the league back in 1925 were as follows:-

  • Wednesbury Harriers
  • Dudley Harriers
  • Small Heath Harriers
  • Lozells Harriers
  • Smethwick Harriers
  • West Bromwich Harriers

But just what were the club colours/badges of these club at that time? Some clubs still exist now. Some clubs have been through various mergers over the years and now their original history forms a small part of that amalgamation. Others, however, have fallen by the wayside.

Small Heath Harriers merged with Solihull A.C. in 1980. Dudley Harriers we believe eventually "morphed" into what we know today as Dudley & Stourbridge Harriers.

West Bromwich Harriers still exist. Smethwick Harriers blended with Oldbury A.C. to form Warley A.C. that then became Borough Of Sandwell A.C.. This body, in turn, associated with Rowheath Harriers & Harborne Harriers and became what we know today as B.R.A.T..

What exactly happened to Wednesbury Harriers is unclear. We are also unsure when Lozells Harriers disbanded. Perhaps someone out there can help? We know former members still exist around the club network and among the Midland Masters A.C. membership.

Some clues as to the design and colours of these clubs can be found in championship programmes around that period. We have been passed a copy of the 1928 MCACCA (Midland Counties Amateur Cross Country Association) Youths XC Championships programme that may give us some insight into what the runners would have been wearing. Programme

Can anyone expand on the rather brief descriptions listed for the various clubs?

In the 1970's we think Small Heath Harriers had a simple white vest with two diagonal blue bands running bottom left to top right based on an example given to a friend of the League by the late Ken Dare. This may have been a summer variant. Back when the league was formed it appears they wore "blue and white hoops". Was the whole vest hooped or just the chest area? So many questions!

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