Kangaroo's In West Bromwich ? (23/01/2013)

Our brief feature on the clubs that founded the League and their colours prompted some head scratching down in West Bromwich Harriers.

The race programme within the article gave examples of the club colours worn at the time included a description of a badge for West Bromwich that included a Kangaroo. Gary Clifton from WBH began to dig out more information on this. He has since provided us with an image of a badge taken from a medal of 1925.

This information came out of an edition of the Black Country Bugle but was undated. The medal was, at the time of the article, in the possession of Chris Meeson from Craven Arms. The image is taken from that cutting which sadly was a poor photocopy but does clearly show the animal in question.


He has also been able, with his colleague Jim Greenwood, and through a document on the Tipton Harriers website that details the History of The Staffordshire AAA's to give an insight into the formation of West Bromwich Harriers confirms the use of a Kangaroo :

"At the Windmill Hotel, West Bromwich, on Tuesday 18 October, 1921, fifteen persons attended a meeting and formed the West Bromwich branch of Small Heath Harriers, and the opening run was arranged for Saturday 5 November. Councillor F Cottrill was elected President, R Hulk the Honorary Secretary/Treasurer and W F Caldwell Club Captain. On 22 March 1924 a special general meeting was called to consider a ruling by the Midland Counties Cross Country Association 'That no Club could form a branch club within five miles of another Club'. It was therefore agreed to form West Bromwich Harriers and R Hale was elected President whilst R Hulk continued as Hon Sec. The Club colours to be a white vest with a single mauve band with a Kangaroo badge."

At some point later the badge changed to include a deer/stags head.

If anyone can help to shed light on just why the Kangeroo found its way onto the badge and its part in the subsequent development of West Bromwich Harriers please contact Gary Clifton on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..