Howes That! (07/02/2013)

Following on from Terry Egan's achievement earlier in the season in completing 100 Birmingham & District Cross Country League races in his career we have been contacted by Steve Howes from Solihull & Small Heath A.C. who, inspired by his running buddies and Terry's total, began looking back over his own league career. Using the race results available on this website and his own records he has been able to unearth 104 recorded finishes to date. He says :-

"Hello Carolyn. Since the 100 up award to Terry Egan on 02/12/2012 the conversation has come up with various of my running colleagues as to how many Birmingham League races I've done. I've finally trawled through all the results on the website & by my reckoning this Saturday (9th Feb) will be my 104th, that includes racing for both Solihull AC & Solihull & Small Heath AC after the amalgamation.

My first race was in Division 2 Race 3 at Leamington on 27th January 1979 where I finished 127th from 137 finishers.............not an impressive start but I've stuck with it & in those past 34years I've had good & bad races, I've missed a few but I still enjoy it & I keep turning up.

Steve Howes 2011 01 07 Warks x-country Edited

By my reckoning my 100th race was the last Division 2 race of 2011/12 season on 11th February 2012 at Aldersley Stadium where I finished 80th from 217 finishers.................a bit of an improvement in 33 years of trying !!!

If there is a league record of competitiors who have achieved 100 races could you add me to the list please, Kind Regards,

Steve Howes, Solihull & Small Heath AC"

Well done Steve and good luck on Saturday. With regard to Steve's "wish" to be added to any "official" list of those who have achieved major race landmarks within the league some draft "criteria" have already been drawn up (for both runners and officials) for consideration by the league executive over the next few months.