Nuneaton Harrier Raises Race Bid To 128 (07/02/2013)

Nick Wilson has read with interest the efforts described from Terry Egan & Steve Howe in the number of League races they have completed. Nick feels he can trump that with 128. He reports...

"Following Terry Egan's & Steve Howe's details on races they have ran in, I made my debut in November 1979 @ Michelin for Nuneaton and if I have time I will go through the results, as far as I know I have only missed 4 races since starting in 1979 at the age of 18, so that is a total of 128 competed in. Still managed to be in the counting 6 in at least one fixture each season with a highest finish being 6th. Target is to hit 150 races, only 6 season to go!"

Neil - circa 1991/92

N Wilson bleague old

Neil - 2012/13 

N Wilson bleague new