2012/13 Champions (10/02/2013)

Loughborough Students rounded off a great season of cross country running sealing victory at Perry Barr Park, Birmingham. More photos in the Birmingham League GALLERY


Jamie Knapp, the proud captain of Loughborough Students has provided the following names for those in the photograph - from left to right:

Back Row: Stephen Reid, Shane Kerr, Jordan Mackie, Ryan Butler, James Straw, Anthony Dalton, Tom Traviss-Pollard, Dave Howe, Sam Densham, Luke Bisson, Jake Wightman, George Corcoran, Henry Pearce, George Guerney, Santos Caballero Gonzalez, Ryan Ganose

Front Row: Andrew Warburton, Kelvin Gomez, Jamie Knapp, Chris Matthews, Alex Wall-Clarke, Joe Moores, David Bishop, Matthew Leeman, David Smale, Howard Thompson