League Landmarks (11/02/2013)

It seems as if league athletes have real endurance! We have had a note from Alastair Grant (from Halesowen C & A.C.) to make us aware of his 'total' number of Birmingham & District XC League races run.  He explains :-

"I have been intrigued by the various athletes claims on races done as I passed 100 races many years ago, and although in the last 10 years I have only competed sporadically, and in fact not done any this season, I thought I should make my claim too! 

My first race was in 1969 and I have now done 144 races, 127 of those in the Senior race (4 as a Junior). I think I will have to consider a return to make the 150!"

Best Wishes, Alastair Grant"

NB - With regard to the "claims" we have received, some draft "criteria" have been drawn up. These will be considered by the Executive in due course. We should point, in fairness to Alastair and his potential comeback, that the criteria, as they currently stand would recognise "Senior" races!