What Ever Happened To... (11/02/2013)

Club Photographs? Seeing the image of the winning Loughborough squad it occured to us that we should ask clubs, particularly those providing divisional winners, to take and submit club/group photographs for the league archives.

It would be a great idea for each and every club within the League to record during each season their runners, officials, management etc who partook in the league in a suitable group shot together with any trophies won.

Perhaps it should become a "custom" at the first race of the season to have an official photograph taken just before the off of your club and your runners/officials?

We already have a number of good photographers that frequent each division who could, over the course of a season, perhaps take one of each club? Any offers?

As the 2012/13 season is now over perhaps clubs can get into the habit by getting an image done on a club night and send them in. You could then use the image as the basis of an article for your own club website, newsletter or even local newspaper. 

If you send them in, via email using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. complete with full details of names etc we will include them on the site and help build up the history of the league through the club members who have taken part.