League Landmarks (16/02/2013)

Terry Egan really started something off when his own league landmark was highlighted earlier in the 2012/13 season. He has been following with interest the publication from other members of participating clubs with their own 'score'. He continues :-

"It looks as though I've finally sparked something off with the number of Birmingham League races that athletes have completed. After announcing my 100 races in December numerous people have started to work out their own number of races. This is great News. It would be good to have a complete ranking list of all people that have topped that century mark.
It was good to hear from Andy Nock with the total for him and his brother. I knew they had ran over 100, but I didn't know their exact total.

I have been following all the comments from people both from the website and on Facebook as well as counting the total of another athlete myself who was an early rival of mine in the mid eighties. Obviously,the younger you start the more you can accumulate. I didn't run my first league race until I was 24.

This is the current ranking list that I have so far from peoples comments, but I know there are more out there and I would like to hear from them, especially Dave Jones of West Brom who has been running in the league since the late seventies.

So, the late Cavin Woodward has the record so far, but Andy Nock is about to overtake him. Bill Nock definitely has the best record of these. I actually watched him win in March 2000 at Coventry and I know he's won both Division Three and Division Two individual titles."

We will have to wait to see what the League Executive decide with regard to any 'official' recognition and "required criteria" but as we head into the spring and summer the unofficial situation is as follows !

Rank Name Club Races
1 Cavin Woodward Leamington 132
2 Andy Nock Halesowen 131
3 Nick Wilson Nuneaton 128
4 Alastair Grant Halesowen 127
5 Bill Nock Halesowen 121
6 Pat Powell West Bromwich 107
7 Steve Howes Solihull & Small Heath 104
8 Terry Egan Northampton 102
9 John Peet Tamworth 101