Lozells Harriers (26/02/2013)

Fred Brooks, one time secretary of Lozells Harriers has kindly sent us in some more details on the history of the old club. To begin with he sent us more details on the logo of the club which, as can be seen from the image below consisted of a stags head against the backdrop of a farm gate. he also confirms that the clubs colours were red & white hoops.

Lozells Harriers Badge A

The club was formed in 1899 with just 18 members of the Lozells Street Mission Hall in Birmingham. From 1911 their headquarters were at the New Inns. They received significant support from various Birmingham brewers including Mitchell & Butlers, Ansells and Atkinsons.

It is interesting to note that prior to the formation of our league there existed a league called, we understand, the "Birmingham Cross Country League".

Lozells Harriers were participants in this league which was run on a "match" basis, like football. Clubs were awarded points based on a win/draw/loss basis. The score was determined by aggregating the finishing positions of the leading runners from each club. Matches were staged throughout the "winter" season between the leagues' constituent clubs - often on a home and away basis. It was, at that time, a very traditional way of enjoying sport. A group of like minded people meeting up to have a good days sport and competition followed by a 'tea' and social often at a local hostelry. This formed the social foundation for many sports like rugby union, hockey and football as well as our own.

The club went on to help in the formation of the Birmingham & District Cross Country League in 1925. The club celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 1949 and Diamond one in 1959. The club, like many from that era, no longer exists but its spirit remains in the minds of those former members that are still alive like Fred Brooks and Wilf Morgan.