Urgent Notice To All League Clubs (06/11/2013)


A few months after the end of last year's 2012/2013 cross-country season the League was informed that Severn AC (having gained promotion to Division 1 by finishing top of Division 2) had infringed our league rules by fielding 2 ineligible runners in the last fixture.

Because that season had already been dealt with in terms of promotion and relegation, the executive had to consider the best way to apply the penalties that are laid down in our rules for this type of infringement. Paragraph 9 in our rules is the section that provides details of the penalties that should be applied to offending clubs.

Given the current wording of paragraph 9 and its application to this situation the executive believe that it needs to be clarified further.

The fact that we knew nothing of Severn's breaking the rules until long after the season was over and all the trophies handed over made this particular case so much more difficult to adjudicate. Had we known on the day of the race that they had run "illegal" runners then it would have been simpler to apply our rules as written. Application of the 500 points would have taken them down the table but would NOT have relegated them. Also, the ironic thing was that even without fielding one of their ineligible runners, Severn AC still amassed enough points for promotion to Division 1.

The relegation "sentence" had been put in there because of a previous problem with a club who had blatantly gone ahead and fielded a guest runner despite the league Secretary's warning on the day of the race that guest runners were not allowed.

Given the complexities of recovering the winning plaques and redistributing them to the clubs who would receive them, it would be a major administrative task incurring more cost to the League for replacement plaques.

After much deliberation and discussion the Executive therefore decided that the most sensible and logical solution was to automatically add 500 points to the Severn AC's score when they are next relegated to division 2. The disqualification of the 2 ineligible runners had already been taken care by the adjustment of the Division 2 scores at the end of the previous season

The executive hopes therefore that you agree with the reasoning and decision on the matter above but any Club wishing to query the above should please contact the League Secretary as soon as possible.

Thank you,

The Birmingham & District CC Invitation League Executive.