Club Photograph - West Bromwich Harriers (11/11/2013)

Gary Clifton sent in two images from his club at the Leamington extravaganza. In the first from left to right we have Emma Sheldon, Jim Greenwood, Dave Jones, Andy Moseley, Gary Woodhouse, Richard Powell ( Captain ), James Jefferson, Paul Stevens, Dominic Aston, Gary Clifton, Lee Harris, Bob Meek, Chris Thompson, Emma Thompson. Lauren Forbes also ran.

2013-14 R1 West Bromwich 1

In the second, taken afterwards, we have from left to right :- Paul Stevens, Emma Thompson, Gary Woodhouse, James Jefferson, Emma Sheldon, Bob Meek, Lauren Forbes, Dave Jones, Lee Harris, Richard Powell, Andy Moseley, Gary Clifton, Dominic Aston, Jim Greenwood, Chris Thompson.

2013-14 R1 West Bromwich 2