Club Photograph - Nuneaton (12/11/2013)

Nuneaton have sent in two images, via Eric Fowler, of their squad from the first race. He observes "Not quite the whole squad - it was a huge turnout for the Harriers with 25 finishers and a great event."

Before - left to right

Rob Carvell, Matt Ruff, Pete Greenfield, Mark Treadwell, Andy Harding, Andy Massey, Andy Ransom, Alex Ratcliffe, Alex Bruce (jnr), Andy Harris, Nick Wilson, Steve White, Steve Arnold, Chris Hamer-Hodges, Phil Harris, Derek Hateley, Jared Wilson. Alex Bruce (snr), Pete Barzetovic, Ian Carwardine.

2013-14 R1 Leamington 1

After - left to right

Andy Harding, Derek Hateley, Adam Mitchell, Steve Arnold, Chris Hamer-Hodges, Jake Waples, Jared Wilson, Andy Ransom, Alex Bruce, Eric Fowler, Ian Carwardine, Alex Ratcliffe, Matt Ruff, Andy Harris, Rob Carvell.

2013-14 R1 Leamington 2