Christmas Ideas (02/12/2013)

Here are some Christmas ideas for the runner in your life.

Have a look at Rob Hadgrafts range of books on historical athletes

In a similar fashion, Pat Butcher, one time member of Dudley Harriers has written a couple of books. The one on Coe & Ovett, you may recall is due to be made into a movie with none other than Daniel Radcliffe starring as Seb Coe. His monograph on Alan Mimoun is also available.

A great book on quick and meals by Tipton Harrier, Mike Aspinall

Sportsbooks are carry a range of titles

For the club "stato" or historian then consider a subscription to the NUTS, no not the lads magazine but the National Union Of Track Statisticians. They do produce an interesting journal through the year called Track Stats.

If you fancy supporting the GB Athletics team then have a look at the

For those of you who still prefer paper maps to "gadgets" then how about an OS map centred on their home or clubhouse

As you already probably like Cross Country running then how about exploring the world of Fell Running. A years subscription to the FRA is extremely good value and you get a high quality magazine three times a year.

For those of you who may like races on the remote side then have a look at this race site and the book on the history that is available. Perhaps a trip to a race?

For those of you who may have connections with athletics at Oxford or Cambridge University then this one may appeal. 

For those of you from the Derbyshire or North Midlands area you may be aware of the Keily brothers. A book has been privately published by George Edwards of Swansea Harriers on one of them, Arthur, a marathon runner from the 1950's & 60's. Details of the book can be obtained from the author via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you ever fancied looking back at just what your club may have done in years gone by one place to start looking is the British Newspaper Archive. This may not be a good idea if you already spend too much time on the computer!

Moving on to DVD's now.

The first site is one if you have an interest in old championship footage. Some of their "individual" sets are very interesting. Quality of the original recording needs to be taken into consideration when viewing.

The next few are from films recently released. All of which have an African theme.

Town Of Runners

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The Athlete

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 For the final few ideas we move back to books and are links to some of the more "well known" books published this past few months.

For those of you who like comic books then perhaps "The Murder Mile"  might be worth a look

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Over The Hill by Steve Chilton

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Faster Than Lightening by Usain Bolt

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Twin Ambitions by Mo Farah

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If you fancy a triathlon then have a look at the Brownlee Brothers

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We stress that we have no connection with any of these sites/authors.