Leamington XC Course Feedback (21/01/2013)

Following our article on the 1946 National XC Championships at Leamington Ray Morgan has kindly done some research. His findings are given below :-

"You have put a map of the course at Newbold Comyn used back in 1946 on the League web page with an appeal for information about how it compares to today's course. Apologies for the delay but I have not been able to find a Club member who ran back then. Perhaps not surprising because it is 66 years ago and so a youth who entered the event would now be 82!

I have cross checked the map to the Ordnance Survey and found that the old course and the current course are very different. The old course has a lap which is at least 3 miles whereas today's large lap 2 miles but the biggest difference is the location.

BDXCL Leamington XC Course 1946 Annotated

To orientate you, if you stand in front of the pavilion (roughly located at the red circle) looking out then you are facing east. The river is to the south and Beacon Hill is to the north west over your left shoulder. The old course is mostly much further north and a far bigger loop. The northern edge is on the other side of Beacon Hill and the golf course. The old course does not go up Beacon Hill but it does climb around a higher peak where we now park cars for the Bham League and the Midland Championships. The ambulance point 6 is at the top of Beacon Hill and ambulance point 5 is at the gate leading to the field where we had the new start this year.

I have attached a scan of the old course with the new course marked in green. Bear in mind that back in the 1940s there was no Beacon (although the hill was there!), no pavilion, no golf course and the seniors ran 10 MILES not 10 kilometers!"