Club Photograph - KSAC (12/01/2014)

Mark from KSAC has sent us in this image of his club's slimmed down squad. Left to Right - Mark Hawkins, Graeme Pierson, Paul Roberts, Dave Vale, Stuart Hill & John Carroll.

He added "In terms of Fathers and Sons, we had our own super pairing up until our relegation to Div 3 around 3 years ago of Stuart and Matt Granger. Following our relegation Matt made the very difficult to leave the club he'd been a member of since early childhood and now competes to great success for Tipton Harriers. Stuart remains a loyal KSAC member and current mens Team Manager for KSAC, competing when not injured! Does this Father and Son count???"

BDXCL - KSAC Team Photograph 2014-01-11 Edited