League Longevity - Cavin Woodward (10/02/2014)

Darren Woodward from Leamington C & A.C. has written in in response to the various longevity threads. Darren comments on his late fathers performances:

"As someone asked the question I looked at my spreadsheet for my dad, Cavin Woodward of Leamington C & AC, to check his stats. From race 1 in 1965/66 to race 3 in 1979/80 he was in the 6 for 59 consecutive races, I think the last race in 1980 he was running with a stress fracture, so finished 74th and 8th for Leamington rather than in the 30's as in the 3 previous races. From memory he only ran to try to keep the run going. Last time in the 6 was race 4 1995/96, so only spanned 31 years seasons. He also "scored" 106 times in total."