Division 2 Course Update (02/02/2015)

Colin Thompson from Wolverhampton & Bilston sends us this update regarding the Division 2 fixture at Wolverhampton on Saturday.

"The course is very heavy in places and I cannot see that changing by Saturday, the loop at that start of the race is 1200M in distance. It is quite wide and uphill, hopefully this should spread the field out before we start the main lap.

The course will be marshalled where required, the main thing we need everyone to be aware of is car parking. We have hosted 4 X-C races this season and have used the fields for parking vehicles..

However on Saturday we will be using every dry land area for parking to avoid people potentially getting stuck anywhere. We will be using an area at the back of the athletics stadium and the main car park itself before we send any cars out to the course.

We will have marshals on you arrival who will guide you to the correct areas please arrive on time to ease any issues. The officials will have the choice of parking at the nearest point of use."