Presidents Message (07/11/2015)

From the League President, Graham Allen

It is a great honour to be asked to be President of the League for the forthcoming season.  I am looking forward to the season opener at Leamington, which brings together teams from all three divisions for this one occasion during the season. For this one date, clubs leave the event having only a limited idea of how they have fared in their division, all awaiting the publication of the Divisional results.

The December, January and February League dates will give me the chance to attend each of the Divisions. I will be treading familiar ground when visiting Divisions 2 and 3, having been Divisional Race Secretary in both, so it will be interesting to see who are gunning for promotion and fighting against relegation this season. As I have not attended a Division 1 fixture previously, I will be interested to see the race unfold, the final results do not always show where the race is won or lost.

To all of the Officials who will be overseeing the smooth running of all the races, I offer my sincere thanks. For races 2, 3 & 4, I would ask that all clubs fulfil their obligation to provide an official for the role identified on the list compiled by our secretary, Carolyn Franks.

One of my major concerns in relation to Cross Country running is the decline in venues being put forward to stage League Races. Although many courses have disappeared due to Property Development projects, I can assure clubs that there are alternatives in their vicinity to be considered if they ask the appropriate people. If the event is promoted as a Community Based Activity, being identified as making a beneficial use of the site, the cost of hiring the venue can be reduced.  In Staffordshire we have recently approached Uttoxeter Racecourse to accommodate North Staffordshire Cross Country League, as parking is normally a major issue, this venue ensures this is not a problem; they have kindly agreed to the request. Each Division of the Birmingham Cross Country League needs more alternative venues to be put forward for consideration at the Annual General Meeting.

2015 - 2016 Graham Allen