Archive Changeover (16/11/2015)

Bob Carey from Sphinx A.C. has sent us in this photograph. It shows Bob (on the left) in his Coventry Godiva racing days handing over to Bill Adcocks (on the right). What is the BDXCL connection you may ask. Well both are Divisional Secretaries - Bill for Division 1 & Bob for Division 3. The event they are taking part in was the Tipton Road Relay in April 1963. Often young people in our sport may not appreciate the running careers and length of time involved in athletics that many of our volunteers who help make the League run smoothly have logged. Some may not now seem to have the "figure" of the athlete they once were but they do have a vaste pedigree in, and first hand knowledge of, running.

We salute you gentlemen.

BDXCL - 2015 Carey  Adcocks Edited