Potts Picks Performers 2 (17/11/2015)

Following John Potts' highlighting of the quality of the League back in the 1970's Bob Carey has looked at the same set of results and highlights some more athletes of note.

Bob's observations:-

"Firstly thanks for putting the photo that I sent in to you on the web site. Glad that you found it worthwhile.

I have read John Potts message regarding the results of the 1970 Birmingham League 1st race. He has indeed chosen a very good example of the strength of the league in those days.

I think though it is also worth mentioning that in 2nd place was Ian's brother Peter, whose track performances included a 3.55.3 mile and an 8.26.8 two mile. In 4th place was Dave Black who won both silver and bronze medals in the Commonwealth Games in the 10,000mts and 5000mts respectively. In 5th place in the league race was Allan Rushmer of Tipton with a mile time of 3.38.7 and a 3 mile time of 13.08. Allen competed for England in the European Championships in 1966 (10,000mts) and Commonwealth Games in 1970 (5000mts). In 22nd in the league race place was John Hammond of Godiva. He was an English cross country international . Both he and Basil Heatley were obviously coming to the end of their running careers at this time.

As John Potts says, the strength in the Birmingham League in those heady days was indeed of the highest quality.

Best wishes, Bob Carey