2015 Squad Shot - Halesowen (09/12/2015)

Andrew Nock, from Halesowen, sent in his 2015 "Squad Shot" with the 21 who ran the 2nd Birmingham League at Cheltenham on 07/12/2015.

From the left:- Keith Perrywinkle (Official), Steve Millington, Roger Mallard, Alex Morgan, Russ Cadwallader, Dave Lewis, James Parker, Matt Allen, Tom Kenderdine, Andy Lloyd, Richard White, Dan Cleary, Richard Guest, John Hill, Dave Turvey (Captain), Paul Allen, Mark Hadley, Peter De Save ar, Joe Phillips, Josh Timmins. Kneeling are Bill and Andy Nock.

Andrew observed that the "average age of squad 43 but still hanging on in the First Division."

He also highlights "2 original 'Old Gold' shirts visible, one of which is 40 years old."

Can any other club/athlete "trump" that!

BDXCL - 2015 Halesowen  Race 2 Edited