League History - Club Amalgamations 2 (11/12/2017)

Earlier in the season we brought you Terry Egans insight to his clubs relationship with the League. Here we continue this with a further update from Terry. Here he looks at the number of League promotions they have staged.

"Before the merger of Rugby and Northampton the two clubs hosted a Birmingham League Cross Country race a total of 36 times between them.

AEI Rugby hosted their very first race on Jan. 13th 1962 in Division Two and 40 years later in their penultimate race before the merger they put on their 25th league race.

Most of these races were held at Princethorpe College and on two occasions in 1988 and 1991
they had a home individual winner at this venue in Division 3 in the final race and clinched promotion both times.

Northampton & County (later to become Northampton Phoenix) always hosted at Abington Park with their first race being organised on Feb. 18th 1967 in Division 2.

On Jan.13th 1968, Northampton & County and AEI Rugby competed together for the first time in a home match at Abington Park, but it was Rugby that came out winners of this Division 2 match.

On three occasions Rugby & District and Northampton Phoenix actually hosted a race on the same day. By the time of the merger in 2002 the Northampton club had hosted 11 times.

In the very first season of the newly formed Rugby & Northampton AC they put on a Division 1 race at Princethorpe College on Jan.11th 2003, which proved to be their last at this venue.

Since then, the club have used Abington Park in Northampton on 10 occasions and in December 2013 they had an individual winner on home soil in Division One.

Therefore,overall a Rugby venue has played host a total of 26 times compared to 21 in Northampton.

It would be very interesting to develop this to see just which of the current League clubs have staged races, how many, when and where. Anyone fancy some research?