150 Up For Andy Nock! (22/01/2018)

You'll have noticed from our updated "League Landmarks" that Halesowen's Andy Nock has now achieved 150 finishes in Birmingham & District Cross Country League.  Below he gives us a few thoughts of his time competing in the league.

Hiya – after seeing your article on the Birmingham League Website, photo attached of myself, Andy Nock, albeit at the Boxing Day Handicap race at the Halesowen Club, where in 2017 we celebrated the our Club’s 95th anniversary. I think all 150 league races have been completed in the same original colour ‘Old Gold’ vest which has more holes in it than material but I can’t change now.

First Senior League Race was at Bedworth on 2 Nov 1974 where I finished 5th in the 3rd Division and 150th appearance was on Saturday 13 Jan 2018 where I was 210th from 287 finishers in Division 2. No going back to the top 10 in any division now!

I still get up on a league race day feeling slightly nervous but eagerly awaiting to meet up with the other runners from our club and travel to whichever venue and club is hosting the event and catch up with other the gossip from other athletes and clubs – always a fine atmosphere.

Afterwards it’s beers, discussions and mickey taking on how the race went for individuals and the club – especially if there’s a chance of promotion or being doomed with a relegation battle. New young captain Peter Dear is doing a great job encouraging and cajoling our 20+ strong team into action.

There’s Mick Edwards from Sparkhill and Nick Wilson from Nuneaton both on 147 appearances and I wish them the very best in also joining the 150 club soon – hopefully next year.

Alistair Grant from Halesowen is on 139 and brother Bill Nock on 140 – great to see 3 Halesowen runners in the top 5 of most races completed.

Apart from seeing Halesowen get back to Division One where we’ve been for many a year I’d especially like to see Bill reach 145 and myself 155 so we can have 300 total for brothers which could be difficult to top – although that statement’s probably asking for big trouble!

Finally as I help organise one or two events, both running and socially and know the effort it takes, I’d like to say a big thank you to all clubs and officials who organise and promote the league as well as the league personnel themselves – a fantastic institution.

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