Rays Ramblings (31/01/2018)

Division 1 Race Secretary Ray Morgan has circulated his divisions clubs with notes and reminders. We repeat them here:-

"Not long to the last match now. If those of you near the top want to overtake Loughborough or if those of you near the bottom want to avoid the drop then you need to get everybody out at Wolverhampton.

A reminder that athletes must wear a bib number as issued by me. If anybody writes their own, wears one from a different event or borrows one from a team mate then they WILL be disqualified. This is covered in UKA rules and League rules but it is also only fair to the sponsor (Coventry Runner) that we wear the numbers that they have paid for and to me to make the results easier than otherwise.

Hopefully you have all got the hang of the way we issue bib numbers now. If you or an athlete has lost or forgotten a number, see me in the green tent near the finish and I will issue a new one. If you need a brand new number for an athlete who has not been declared yet then come to the green tent, fill in a form and I give you a bib. However - that takes time, so if you know in advance that you are going to need a number then send me a mail beforehand with the athletes name and I can pre-prepare one for you that you collect with your disc envelope. No paperwork that way - and that's the way we all like it.

Carolyn has asked me to mention a few things to you all.

(1) Let Carolyn know (not me) if you are prepared to host in the 2018/19 season. Dont assume there is no need because somebody else will do it. It is better to have a big a choice as possible. Two Clubs hosted for the first time this season which is very pleasing indeed. A big thank you and well done to Trentham and Bham Uni.

(2) The League AGM is on 23rd March at Alexander Stadium in the Birchfield room starting at 7.00. If you want to propose somebody for one of the Officers post or suggest a rule change then you must let Carolyn know before 1st February.

(3) Clubs who have hosted this season should get their expense claims in to Carolyn as soon as possible. Please don't expect her to chase you."