2018 AGM Arisings - Rules & Management Review

Chris Holloway, from Tipton Harriers & one of the League's Webmasters, made the following proposal to the 2018 AGM. This followed the 2017 annual check of League documentation carried on the website for consistency and accuracy.

He spoke at the AGM and stated "The visibility of the rules and league management principles have, due to many reasons become obscured - misunderstandings and misinterpretations have occured and errors made. Now is the time to take stock in a measured way over a reasonable timescale to ensure the League heads towards it's Centenary in 2026 with suitable rules and management principles."

The majority of Clubs present at the AGM felt there was indeed a need and the proposal, when put to the vote, this was carried with a significant majority.

The Proposal & Background is repeated here for clarity

Proposal Background

The current “Rules” document has evolved over many years and currently contains a combination of items covering matters of a constitutional nature, league management together with some rules of competition. It has also become unstructured over time.

Proposal - League Management & Rules Review

That the League undertake a full review and revision of the current “Rules” document (Version of March 24th 2017) of the League, as currently published on the website.

The opportunity should be taken to clearly define/redefine any such matters across the following suggested three headings:-

                Constitutional Matters

                League Management Matters

                Rules of Competition

All League Clubs, Officers and Officials should be invited to review the current document and take the opportunity to highlight current omissions, anomalies, propose changes, additions or deletions.

An initial review should be undertaken, published & a new draft circulated by the start of the 2018/19 league season, nominally taken as being 1st November 2018.

Any revised drafts thereafter should be circulated to all 2018/19 club delegates, league officers and league officials for consideration. They should also be published on the League website.

Any subsequent changes should then collated by 1st February 2019 and then be presented for final approval to all member clubs at the 2019 AGM.

This opportunity should also be taken to review the number, nature and remit of all roles of the league officials & officers in light of recently created posts, recent experience and to take into account succession planning.

Changes should be made where necessary to improve the scope, independence & remit of all such roles and as well as enhancing administrative procedures of league management wherever possible.

In addition, at the time of his review in the summer of 2017, Chris produced a very rough first draft for demonstration and discussion. This can be found here. This was considered at the Executive Meeting held on 16/02/2018. It was felt at the AGM that this could be publicised to illustrate the possibility of a more structured and clearer format.

Comments are now invited from Club Delegates, Team Managers, Athletes, Officials, Officers and Supporters of the League to progress this. Initial comments on the current rules and Chris's draft format are invited by 18th May 2018.

Please send your comments to Carolyn Franks via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

These will then be gathered together and discussed by the Executive before publication and circulation as described in the above proposal.

The detailed mechanics and content of the consultation have yet to be discussed and agreed.

When commenting would you please indicate your "role" e.g. Club Delegate, Team Manager, Athlete, Official, Officer or Supporter of the League. If you are a Club Delegate then please ensure that you have canvassed opinions from as wide an audience as possible. In all instances please also name the club that you are affiliated to, or representing, where applicable. Would you also include "Rules Revision Feedback" in the email title.

A number of minor amendments were made at the 2018 AGM to the existing rules. These have not been included in either of the above two documents. They will however be included in any future revision arising from this work.