2018 AGM Arisings - Masters In The League

Ray Morgan tabled a proposal to the February 2018 Executive Meeting that a specific Masters race (for certain age categories) could be incorporated into League races. The Executive felt that the League should be left as it is. However they did agree to a proposal to consult with Clubs on the issue. The AGM agreed to hold a consultation of the Clubs.

The detailed mechanics and content of the consultation have yet to be discussed and agreed. In the meantime please discuss within your Club what you would do, if anything, with athletes in Masters age groups.
Comments are now invited from Club Delegates, Team Managers, Athletes, Officials, Officers and Supporters of the League to progress this. Initial comments are invited by 18th May 2018.

Please send your comments to Carolyn Franks via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When commenting would you please indicate your "role" e.g. Club Delegate, Team Manager, Athlete, Official, Officer or Supporter of the League. If you are a Club Delegate then please ensure that you have canvassed opinions from as wide an audience as possible. In all instances please also name the club that you are affiliated to, or representing, where applicable. Would you also include "Masters Consultation Feedback" in the email title.